News Oda Said He’d Like to Finish One Piece in 5 Years

Even if we assume this prediction is again gonna fail, bt i still think so many failed predictions in the past would help him get this one somewhat accurate. Like maybe not 5 years bt 7 years. Or Maybe he mentioned in 5 years already calculating in the hypothetical extra time he may end up taking/ streching the series. :unsure:

Jk. Don't worry we all know OP isn't ending for next 10 years easily. :sweat:

Oda has unending ideas which he likes to add in his arcs and so many unsolved mysteries, we haven't seen much of many major players bt few panels so it's hard to imagine this 5 year thing really working.
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Wano is still in act 3 we nearly reached chapter 1000 we will prob past chapter 1000 after act 5

Then we have Blackbeard and Im-sama the real enemies both even integrated in a 3 way duell with Luffy will easily take over 100 chapters up to 200
5-7 years to go on


4x12x5=240 chapters left without counting the breaks. Well Oda should stop spreading an obvious lie now:gonope:
Adding the flashback the plot will drag

We have kaidos flashback
Rocks flashback.
Elbaf flashback
Roger pirate flashback
Blackbeard flashback
Shanks flashback
Void century flashback
Im sama flashback
Akainu flashback
Dragon s flashback
Vegapunks flashback