General & Others Oda's analytic team maybe why there are so many Luffy hero moments even at the expense of another characters development?

Luffy is getting really insufferable. Oda continues with these cringe forced Luffy moments that are so bad, whether it was in Udon when Luffy purposely infected himself, when Luffy comes in to "save" Rebecca from Viola when Doflamingo was controlling her, or when Luffy went to save Sanji in WCI and much more.

Oda, regresses certain characters at their expense for these dumb Luffy hero moments. For example, someone like Rebecca, who is generally hated among the community, was used only as a plot device in order to give Luffy these "hero moments". Or when Sanji completely off character, borderline PIS, decided to abandon and not trust his crew so that Luffy can save him. Does Oda actually think this is good writing? Or is it that the production crew gave Oda analytics on situations of characters that sells the most and this type of "hero moments" is what sells the most manga? I am sure Oda has an analytics team who dives into the data to see what certain plotlines or situations best sells chapters and I am guessing these Luffy moments are actually popular among the fanbase which is why Oda continues to do it and why the story structure post time skip has been copy and pasted every arc.

In pretime skip, I can't recall any situations where you see Luffy hero moments at the expense of another character's development.
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