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So according to @VegaPank
-There will be a great event (supremacy)will happen to Sanji even Zoro’s fans will be Sanji’s fans after that event
-Sanji will maintain the balance of the world
-Sanji will fusion with a mythical fiery bird* not obeying orders

*by obtaining new fruit / new suit depends on the translation

It has nothing to do with 1006 chapter

These are for future events and These from Oda’s draft for future events and his conversation with the editor
What do you expect from this?
Sanji fanboys must be happy if this is true

Maybe @ScotchInformer @Lance_Dragonite @EtenBoby can enlighten us to confirm if they're true or not
Feels incredibly vague lol. First line really says nothing, second line is something a lot of people have roughly predicted since his line in TB. Third is the only thing worth looking at but it can take years before we find out if its the truth or not.

Who knows, could be real and props to the provider if they are. Not saying they're fake, but I ain't gonna discuss em.
yes he is oda portrayed time and time again
aokiji is the first admiral to appear pre-ts, - fuji is the first admiral to appear post- timeskip >both are the weakest of the 3
kizaru is both the second to appear post-ts and pre-ts > second strongest
greenbull- last to appear mans is a whole silhouette, the bodyguard of celestial dragon no other admiral is but they can visit and help if need be > the strongest