General & Others Off-Paneled Battles : The Thread

A. List 🗿

Pre - Luffy Adventure :

---> Rocks vs Garp & Roger
---> Oden vs Ashura Douji
---> Roger vs Whitebeard
---> Blackbeard vs Shanks
---> Shiki vs Garp & Sengoku
---> Crocodile vs Whitebeard
---> Kaidou vs Moriah
---> Shanks vs Mihawk

During Luffy Adventure : Pre-Time Skip

--->Bon Kurei vs Magellan :believe:
---> Sanji vs Yonji
---> Sanji vs Page One

During Luffy Adventure : Time Skip

---> Marco vs Blackbeard
---> Urouge vs Snack
---> Kid vs Sweet Commander
---> Akainu vs Aokiji

During Luffy Adventure : Post-Time Skip

---> Revolutionary Army vs Blackbeard
---> Sabo & 3 Revolutionary Army Guys vs Admirals Fujitora & Ryogoku
---> Kaidou vs Linlin

I hope that we will saw some of these as Spin-Off ( not on the Anime )


But like on Movies, Manga, Novels
Which ones would you like to see ?

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Tesoro Crew vs Doffy
Jack vs Fujitora-Sengoku

I forgot those ones.
Tesoro Crew is pretty similar to Dofflamingo crew.
Tesoro against Dofflamingo makes a lot of sense, the 2 of them were similar in strenght ( Luffy Gear 4 beat them but not by a lot ). Baccarat fruit Was over Powered.

How could I forget Jack vs Sengoku , Fujitora & Tsuru.
A Yonkou Commander facing 3 Marines of the highest levels.

Shanks x Mihawk duels

And I think you forgot the biggest duel that we know of : Aokiji x Akainu
The Best Duel I Forgot was Bon Kurei vs Magellan


So for now we have a total. Of.
8 Before Luffy Adventure.
8 During Luffy Adventure.

That's a lot.
If Oda doesn't work on it, maybe some Fans could, and Will.
The shortest ones would be Kaidou vs Linlin or one of Shanks & Mihawk duel : 1 chapter

The longest ones would probably be the ones with lot of characters like, Blackbeard vs Revolutionary Army. Or Crocodile vs Whitebeard, Or Kaidou vs Moriah : At least 8 good chapters each until 15 chapters I think ( they can't be as long as Marineford and his 31 chapters.