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Confirmed Spoilers
Thanks to Korean Leaks and Redon
* 제목 "수수경단"* 신우치 "스피드" 등장으로 시작.
타마가 타고 온 배가 스피드의 배.

* 우동 죄수 채굴장에 있었던 신우치나 기프터즈(?)들이
오니가시마의 아군들에게 수수경단 먹이고 다님..

* 프랑키 v.s 사사키

* 나미 "썬더랜스 템포" to 울티

* 우솝, 수수경단을 새총으로 쏴서 적에게 먹임..

* 블랙마리아, 상디에게 "니코 로빈"을 불러달라고 함. (이미지 컷 부근)

* 바오팡 "아카자야 사무라이들"을 능력으로 발견

* 킹의 명령으로 블랙마리아가 숨통을 끊으러 가려고 함..

* 바오팡 왈 아카자야 사무라이들이 있는 방에 현재 10명이 있고
누군가가 구하려고 하는 것이니 주의하라고 함.

* 다음 호 휴재, 13호에 연재 예정.
- Chapter 1.004 : "Kibi Dango".
- The chapter begins with the Shinuchi Speed.
- Tama has traveled to Onigashima on Speed's ship.
- It seems that the Shinuchi and the Gifters are eating dangos to become allies.
- Franky VS Sasaki.
- Nami uses the "Thunderlance Tempo" against Ulti.
- Usopp shoots dangos at enemies.
- Black Maria tells Sanji something about Nico Robin (what we see in the picture).
- Bao Huang finds the Red Scabbards with her ability.
- King orders Black Maria to end the lives of the Red Scabbards.
- It seems that in the area where the Red Scabbards are there are not only 9 people, there are 10 according to Bao Huang.
- That 10th person is helping them.
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Weekly Shonen Jump #11 Table Of Content

Kowloon's Ball Parade (Cover/LCP/New Series)
Jujutsu Kaisen

One Piece
My Hero Academia

Black Clover
Witch Watch (CP)
Dr. Stone
The Elusive Samurai
Mashle (CP)
I Tell C
Mission: Yozakura Family
Hakaishin Magu-chan
Ayakashi Triangle
Me and Roboco
Shakunetsu no Niraikanai
Undead Unluck
Phantom Seer
High School Family

Weekly Shonen Jump #12 Preview
Cover & LCP
: Undead Unluck
CP: Dr. Stone, Kowloon's Ball Parade, Chou Nouryoku Inou-san (Oneshot)
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I went to 5ch and, from the source who posted the pic

Speed gave Kibi dangos to Gazelleman, Daifugou and other beast pirates saying that it's for recovery.

Sanji can't fight back so he's hurt. Black Maria(I guess, the provider didn's say her name) said that they would torture Robin and use her(provider says later that she didn't such dangerous word as 'torture' but it was a pain to write what she said) and Sanji got angry and said "Don't underestimate Robin"

The red scabbards were found, Black Maria is going there but someone tells her to be careful since there are 10 people not 9.

In a later post the provider says that the red scabbards are in the treasure storage

On the other side Nami uses a Thuner Lance Tempo to Ulti but says "I can't defeat him, i need a more powerful lightning"

It's a bit difficult to understand but seems that Franky is winning against Sasaki
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Full summary, thanks to redon from Arlong Park Forums.

Chapter 1.004: "Kibi Dango".

In the cover Chopper, a squirrel and a monkey are eating Rumble Ball candies together.

Chapter starts with Speed (the horse Headliner), she's going around Onigashima's castle giving dango to the Gifters, saying dangos are a special recovery medicine from Queen.

A little flashback starts. We can see Tama, she's wanting to go help fight at Onigashima. She wants to see Wanokuni with Momonosuke as Shogun and she doesn't want to be hungry again. So she used Speed's personal ship to go Onigashima, taking Speed, Gazelleman and Daifugou together with her. On the ship, Tama created a huge amount of Kibi Dango.

Cut back to present. We see Gazelleman and Daifugou running around Onigashima's castle and distributing dango to Gifters too.

Cut to Franky Vs. Sasaki fighting. Franky Shougun shoots its "Weapons Left" at Sasaki but the attack doesn't work. Sasaki crashes into Franky Shougun but Franky grabs his horns and throws him.

Franky Shougun is about to shoot another weapon but the Armored Division jumps all over it and grabs its robotic arms and legs. These Gifters are very strong, together they manage to hold Franky Shougun still while Sasaki is charging again.

But suddenly Usopp, Nami, Tama, and Komachiyo run into the scene followed by an army of Gifters who are now on their side. Franky uses this chance to get away, so Sasaki crashes into the Armored Division instead.

Ulti and Page One (that are following Usopp and Nami) shout that these Gifters have betrayed them. Sasaki is confused on why they betrayed them. Ulti jumps at Komachiyo, but Nami uses her "Thunder Lance=Tempo" to stop Ulti. The attack hits Ulti directly and she falls to the ground.

Nami: "This isn't enough to stop her. I need a stronger thunder!!"

Usopp uses "Hissatsu: Kibi Dango Star" to shoot dango into the Gifters' mouths, turning Sasaki's Armored Division into their allies. Sasaki is confused why his troops turned against him, Franky takes this chance to attack.

Franky Shougun uses a new attack called "Fran Blade: Victory V Flash". With a sword that emits light, Franky Shougun slashs Sasaki. The attack hits Sasaki directly and blood comes out.

Cut to Black Maria and Sanji. Sanji defeats all of Black Maria's male subordinates but he wouldn't touch the female ones, so Black Maria manages to catch him in her spider web.

Black Maria tells Sanji to shout for Robin, and her subordinate with eye-marked paper will send his voice all over the castle to lure Robin to Black Maria. She says Kaidou ordered her to take Nico Robin alive. Robin will be injured to the point that she can't escape and will kept alive until Kaido finishes using her.

Sanji: "Don't you dare underestimate Nico Robin!!"

Back to the Live Stage, Boa Huang announces that one of her spies (a rat with eye-marked paper) has found the Red Scabbards. They are lying unconscious in a room in the castle's keep. King is still busy (we see him receiving the report but can't see who he's fighting) so he orders someone to go and kill the samurai immediately.

Black Maria replies that she will go and do it herself, since the room is connected directly to her floor.

Bao Huang: "Hurry up, but beware! There are "10 people" in that room!
I can't see clearly because it's too dark...
but there's someone else in there, trying to help the samurai!!"

In the room, we see a silhouette of a mysterious person tending to Kinemon's wound. The person is normal size (half of Kinemon's size). We see the side of his/her face and the nose/mouth shape make it seems like that person is a female (or maybe young male).

The person is grinding his/her teeth and looks like there're tears dropping from his/her eyes.

End of chapter. Break next week.
For more context about the Oda Commentary.
"Queen Bee" is a rockband in Japan known for their "fashion punk" style and
"Yaten" is their new single
also maybe a bit redundant but to add onto Oda's comment
but in Japan the band Queen Bee is also known as Ziyoou-Vachi

you may have heard their music in the song "Kaen" for the 1st Opening of the 2019 Dororo Anime

I can definitely see why Oda loves their music though
17 Pages 1 Double Spread


Sanji is hanging blodied & unconscious on a cross (Spider Web cross) like the second coming of jesus... until Black Maria tickles his chin and wakes him up
But Sanji also has a cool moment. 3 Pages of the chapter focus on Sanji/black maria, 1 King/Bao Huang, 1 Scabbards, everything else Nami, Franky, Kibi Dango usopp tama speed sasaki
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