Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1006 Spoiler Summaries and Images

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Translation from @PuckTheGreat
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Announcement : Momonosuke is with Young Master Yamato and a Kunoichi
Yamato : huff...huff sfx: *thump* *thump*
Momonosuke : .....!!
Yamato : Shinobu! This way!
Shinobu : Pick a less obvious route damn it!!
Sanji : Hey! where's the storage room that must not be opened!!?
Fodder : It's around the entrance of the Skull Dome.
Sanji : Hmmn...Kin'emon and the others are in the complete opposite direction
Sanji : Damn it, which of those places need me the most!?
Sanji : That direction or this one!?
Sanji : hmmn...!!
Sanji : This way!!
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Translations thanks to @PuckTheGreat

Marco: "Pheonix Claw"

???: Argh!!!

Marco: huff...huff

Marco: Raccon, hurry up...

Marco: As one who'd expect, it's pretty difficult to hold back 2 people that have bounties exceeding 1 billion berries

Queen: Bastard!!

King: ....!!

Perospero: Huh?

Perosperos: Well I'll be damned! isn't that Marco over there...!!

Perospero: Kukuku...he looks pretty knackered
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(with Sanji part)
Bao: Momonosuke, Young Master Yamato and a Kunoichi are together...
Yamato: Haah... Haah...
Bao: Right there!!!
Narrator: Wano Country's Samurai Army's Commander Momonosuke
Momo: ...!!
Yamato: Shinobu-san!! Over here!!
Bao: Kunoichi are together...
Bao: Right there!!!
Narrator: 3rd Floor
Sanji: Another transmission...
Sanji: They are after Momo and Shinobu-chan!!
Sanji: Who is Young Master Yamato!?

Marco: Houou In! (Phoenix Brand!)
Queen: Guoooo!!
Queen: Gefu...!!
Queen: It hurts, damnit! A shock wave huh...!!
Marco: Aren't you fighting me?
Queen: Marcoo!!!
Marco: If you want to touch those samurais you'll have to take my head first!!!

Queen: Shit!! You annoying bastard!!
Queen: Quickly go die then!!!
Marco: !!

Queen: Jakin! (sfx)
Queen: Just get it over with.
Queen: !!

BP 1 : Wuaa!
Random/Hyogoro (?) : Everyone turns into "Ice Demon/Ice Ogre", but this time even the life of those demons are in great danger!

Hyogoro : it's ok, do it!
Hyogoro : Looks like at the end the heaven seems to have rewarded me.
Hyogoro : As long as I don't put your lives in danger!

Hyogoro : I let you now handle this, guys! ...
Hyogoro : The man "Hyogoro The Flower" has no regrets!

Narrator : He entrusts his hopes!
Translated a bit of Hyogoro's thoughts:

You know Oden...if only I had challenged Kaido with you back in the days when we had a surplus of power..I do wonder sometimes...!! Nevertheless Kinemon and others have pulled off a brilliant raid!! And I myself have an interesting student...!!

Wano's dawn will surely come!!!
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