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They're literally named after CALAMITIES. Your arguments are so trash I swear.

Let him be.

Calamities ..
Sweet Generals..

Have we seen even Kata, Cracker and smoothie collect sweets from other islands? No
But We have seen Calamities destroying island, torturing people...
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Really gonna use this chapter to slander Jack after seeing King and Queen together get embarrassed by one Yonko Commander? On top of All the other shit thats happened to King and Queen in this Raid.......
No i like Jack but his bounty while being a NW young pirate is mainly because he is barbaric

Jack will fight anyone or destroy anything
They also seem to send him on errands a lot!
So he gets to do more crazy stuff on his way

He is literally the errand boy for Kaido to make deals or get something for him
BM sends Tamago , pekoms and lesser ministers to do errands for her...destroying islands if they don't give sweets.
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