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The Soul King
One Piece - Chapter 1008
Title: Head of The Atamayama Theives, Ashura Douji

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The chapter was flying about as well as Robin's horse with villains Kanjuro, Orochi and the rooftop Yonko staging their comeback.

Kanjuro lives to kabuki dance on Oden's grave once more. The simplest and easiest explanation for Foden turns out to be right one. While it comes across as a cheap cliffhanger as Kanjuro could have inked up regular samurai or minks who would have Pedro'd the Scabbards with far less suspicion, we're looking at a case of why be efficient when you can be evil. Kanjuro remains an especially henious bastard. He didn't reflect on how he was spared by Kiku, shown tears and respect by the others at his demise. He drew up a lying Oden to stir their hearts then tried to take them out with his former lord suiciding himself. On his way to Momo, I hope Yamato can deliver a clubbing of righteousness or Shinobu redeem herself for getting caught by Kanjuro from the beginning.

Ashura, always the realest of the Scabbards, deserves some props for seeing through Inkden. He was the hardest one to convince to join the raid. He always had the bleakest outlook on Wano. It led him to behave in the most rational manner and take Inkden's damage like a G. The true on panel Oden vs Ashura. He needed an individual moment in Onigashima and snapping everyone back to reality wasn't too shabby.

The dog is not one for quips, but he really knows how to hurt Jack deeper than any wound. Inuarashi adds another Wano highlight to his respectable list (brushed aside Queen, Sulong destroyed Jack, delivered multiple attacks on Dragon Kaido) taking on the Jack who thought he could bully the Scabbards solo. He's got no Sulong, is missing a leg, only got bandage work while Jack may have had Zoan recovery, so he'll probably go down like Ashura sacrificing himself for the rest. Interesting to note how Inu fights with no thoughts on getting revenge on Jack and only letting his fellow retainers move forward. He approaches a potential grudge battle completely different from Carrot, who abandoned everyone inside the skull to specifically avenge Pedro and lost anyway. With so many people after Momo now, I feel several should stay behind and eliminate Jack.

"The only universal truth is that it's all so tiresome" mutters Orochi as he lights the world around him on fire. To not much surprise, Orochi is a survivor like Kanjuro. Executed by Kaido, losing almost all of his ninja and samurai, a big target for the alliance, Orochi is screwed so now he's going down causing as much wreckage as possible. Like the Pleasures and Waiters last chapter turned on behalf of Queen, Orochi's betrayal and any sabotage he's responsible for is directly on Kaido's head. At least he has Fukurokuju's big brain and sweet ninja gun by his side:

Now we know why Kaido hid his hybrid from not kill him from laughter. The design is actually super conservative, Oda hesitant to change many of his boy's features. Maybe it's hard to give a hulked out beast form to an already hulked out beast. There could be a reason like another transformation or Awakening. Wonderful to see that he's got a long tail and legs for days, meaning thicker and evenly proportioned. His frame is no doubt bigger than base Kaido or Big Mom, but the overall size increase isn't much for a skyscraper dragon. The arms and chest look like he got a full body yakuza tattoo. His dragon hair turning into a dragon beard and the six horns are neat, but the loss of his snout and lack of swirly eyebrows is a shame. Overall, I'm reminded of a scaly Rob Lucci and would love to see this Kaido use more varied body movement and flexibility.
Who needs Viola or Shiryu's fruit when Momo can peep by stealing your own vision? What looked like Zunisha transferring its vision to Momo of the Jack fleet at sea seems to actually be Momo's power. He checks on Luffy's condition and it really is something else. Luffy, Roger, Oden can only listen to old majestic animals like the seakings and Zunisha with their VOAT. In Roger's case, he heard the Gliffs too. It just may signify that there's a purpose for Momo beyond Wano. The surprise of the chapter wasn't Kaido's impression of Bat-man, but that the Supernova are still up and kicking. They've gone from attacking to on the defensive, so a new strategy is needed. Luckily we have a teleport user on the roof. It'll be interesting to see how they split up the Yonko since Luffy is the only one with any real beef against Big Mom. She looks so crazy hybrid Kaido couldn't outshine her at all in the final spread.
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