Who will Kaido fight?

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ryou is fundamentally different from basic coa
its actually not, its fundamentally COA only. They use advance ryuo/CoA.
You can just replace Ryou with Haki and it makes sense too. like Is that Haki which is covered around your body?(Luffy is pretty much implying this), its just the technique of using the Ryou/Haki is an advance one.
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What are the chances that oda will make Orochi the main bad guy after fight like Spandam and Luffy will say Kaido was the coolest guy he ever met.
ryou is fundamentally different from basic coa and it can be used without the black coating, for example kinemon used hardening to push the bird cage, but when he stabbed kaido at the beginning of the raid he only used ryou without blackening it's an invisible armor suit that can be used both offensively and defensively

, even kaido was wondering if they have oden's ryou.

and kaido is from outside wano, he knows the difference and he had no problem saying that enma is the sword of a strange haki.

you just gotta pay more attention to details.
You continue to show me you have no idea what you're talking about.

Ryou is just the term the citizens of Wank use when they are talking about haki. It can be invisible or blackened.

When Hyogoro was explaining ryou or haki to Luffy and released it from his body it was blackened.

Blackned haki has to do with the hardness of the user haki.

Kaido is not a very good source to use when it comes to understanding haki/ryou. He doesn't understand it very well. I'm not saying he can't use haki. Appears he has a very basic knowledge of haki.

When the Scabbards first attacked and cut Kaido he thought they were using Oden' ryuo because they cut him. He has no idea how they're able to cut him.

Kaido didn't understand how Luffy was able to hurt him with a punch even though he was using haki/ryuo. He didn't even realize Luffy was using haki. Zoro and Kid immediately recognize Luffy was using haki.
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