Will LeZoro James Continue to Carry the SNs to a Ring Against the Yonko?

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So Zoro took an attack that was supposed to take out the whole sn and managed to block it but not completely

He also has faster reaction than any sn

that is not reaction feat...he blocked because they can't dodge....his blocking allowed others to dodge and Law could bail Zoro out of that attack....while giving credit to feat is good which is well deserved but don't blow out of proportion
So zoro is heavily damaged from that attack.

Oda displays it also so we all know what this means. Only a couple scenarios I can see happening

1. Zoro is taken out first

2. The rooftop supernova lose

3. Zoro vs king/smoothie

Only three scenarios I can see because Zoros even bleeding from the mouth which means this is bad. Luffy and Kidd are hurt but from what we know not the extent of zoro
yes it fucking is troll
even if its one second he stopped an attack that would have killed the 5 of them and let the other 4 get away
learn to read you dumb ignorant fool

the attack can kill him, Zolo alone can't handle the attack, Wich mean Zolo can't block the attack without dying , Wich mean Zolo doesn't have the feat of stopping BM and Kaido attack

retards like you suggested that Zolo can and did that, but obviously he can't

So that feat was kinda impressive....kinda not. I mean it would've been impressive without all the wank Z-fans were giving it. But Zoro could only hold it for a second and with that he's heavily injured to the point he's coughing up blood whilst cutting promethesus. Like without all the wank Zoro fans have beem giving to the feat and Zoro in general within this fight....I would've given props to Zoro.

But no I'll hold him to the standards Z-bois hold him, and unlike them I won't backtrack. So yh, that lowkey pathetic from Zoro. Nearly killed by an attack he only held for a second. How are you supposed to kill Kaido like that. Trash.....
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