Will LeZoro James Continue to Carry the SNs to a Ring Against the Yonko?

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Quote me when the Oden vs Hybrid Kaido flashback hits. :zosleepy:
Quote me when Oda gives a shit about your criteria for power scaling. He will never show hybrids in flashbacks because every villain needs new power reveals during the actual plot. Literally nothing to do with power scaling.

Oden was one of the strongest characters in the verse, and Kaido placed him with Roger, WB, Rox as one of the “only ones who can fight him”.

Do you not get tired of saying the same thing with every post?
The it's still less of a ramble than trying to say Sanji could block that. That cunt isn't even close to setting a single foot on the roof. Cinera dropped an analysis and yet again you're being a sad boi. Stop trying to deflect the damage oda is straight up ass fucking you with and just deal bro
Zoro's W on the roof,

Kaidou want to eat Luffy, Zoro stop it

BM want to burn Luffy, Zoro stopped it

BM want to cut Luffy, Zoro stopped it

Kaidou use 3 tatsumaki, Zoro stopped it

Kaidou used Boro breath, Zoro stopped it

Kaidou and BM teamed up to one shot the supernovas, Zoro stopped it


- Terrified both yonko with his pre ts slash
- Tanked yonkos attack with baseform without raid suit or df
- Slashed Kaidou's unpenetrated scales
- Saved Luffy and others numerous time
- Made Kid owe him his life

All without going all out!!! Goated!!!
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