Will LeZoro James Continue to Carry the SNs to a Ring Against the Yonko?

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Why if preskip Luffy could drop him with a few punches :noo::optimistic::shocking:

Vergo was too much of a demon he was kicked out from hell itself, as Impel Down can’t handle him.

Btw, Vergo has a demon epithetyet WG and celestial dragons are seen as gods, demons are the antithetical symbol they use for pirates

Vergo has a demon epithet in his name when he is a marine and the marine and WG don’t use that vocabulary...

Vergo was branded with a demon epithet by the marines because he stands out as number 1 :beckmoji::kata:

not even Magellan, reigner of hell, has any demon epithet in his name or any allusions to hell or demonic :myman:
Have you ditched Vergo and become a Sanji fan yet?
So now that Oden didnt push Kaido to Hybrid form, at least not to our knowledge because most of the fight was off screened; hes not top tier? Are you gonna ignore Oden getting the best of Kaido when he was at a disadvantage in that fight? Kaido had everything going for him in that battle, and he almost lost because how strong Oden was. Hes the only one that 1v1 kaido and almost won. Oden is top tier
So you gonna ignore Roger swatting Oden away like he was nothing? Oden being mind blown by the level of Haki Roger and Whitebeard possess?

And I'm supposed to believe that Kaido did go into Hybrid at some point during their fight, but then for some odd reason decided to turn back into a Dragon, so he could get PISed into almost losing?


Shanks is not a swordsman
I went to VerGodvalla and now back stronger and fortified to breath some new life into the forum
:arnoling::sadgrin: (though moving forward on a less consistent basis)

How have things been? Has the administration been difficult with all the major flooding to the Vergo fanclub or what? :catsure:

nah I guess it’s coming around. Soon people will realise Vergo was always too goated Oda had to nerf him from being a swordsman

Enma would crush by Vergo’s grip. That’s why he is forced to use a bamboo that’s flexible and not prone to breaking under heavy loads

Zoro has not yet transcended to using a bamboo he still stuck with Enma :catsweat:
At least nobody forgot witch leg Vergo used :pepelit: its been easy so far mate... zoro collected so much Ls its loughable... if vergo tested enma on that tree that day when zoro did.... not a cliff would be cut, but entire planet ... Vergo was too strong for this world
It is your criteria, because the Zooan form was never stated to be the "weakest". It might not be suited for individual combat, but it's by far the most destructive form.

You're essentially saying unless Kaido is beaten the way I want him to be beaten it doesn't count, which is utter nonsense. Oda made it clear that Oden's strength is enough for Kaido on multiple occasions.
Most destructive how? He one shotted Luffy in his base, and now him and Big Mom just destroyed part of Onigashima with a combined attack, which would have killed all the Supernovas had it landed. Meanwhile, Luffy tanked a Boro Breath at point blank range, just like Oden did.
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