Will LeZoro James Continue to Carry the SNs to a Ring Against the Yonko?

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Symbol of Despair

Mr Future Sight can react only half a second sooner than Zoro.

Zoro's normal CoO >>> all 4 WG members.

Mr future sight doesn't know how to counter the attack, even though he was talking about guts before to Kaido. He shit himself right here.

Zoro's balls > Luffy's balls

Zoro's defense >>>>>>>>>>> Luffy's shitty Pirate King Luffy amour.
Zoro is reacting because he remembers the stance lol. Relax.

Zoro legit blocked the impact for a second and the yonkos were surprised. It was an impressive feat, but I'm sure everyone is gonna argue about it for a week. lol
Just look at the impact of the attack, it draw whole Onigashima!!! As @Bogard said if they aim for the island itself Ongashima would be gone. Really crazy feat of all 3(Kaido,Bigmom and Zoro).
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