Will LeZoro James Continue to Carry the SNs to a Ring Against the Yonko?

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Heavy Metal
Dope as hell, but I don't want Marco to heal them... King already let Zoro go up, he will look really and extremely bad if he lets Marco go on the rooftop, heal them and then go back to fight him. Maybe Marco will try and in that moment King will turn into hybrid form and stop him
"Let him" is not really necessary. We have shambles Law up there. He could decide they need medical help and chambles Chopper, which then wants marco up there too. So Law could change his and Marcos position and then stale King, for example.
Come guys, dont overhype it. Overhyping is always damaging your Fav!

Zoro did incredible great here, blocking that attack is immense and an enormous feat! But, he didnt tanked it "like it is nothing", he is heavily injured. And he didnt blocked it completely. It also doesnt mean he can block 4 emperor at the same time and is doing healthy after it. What he did was amazing, but dont overhype it. You just open the gates for the counter-troll. Cause the pics of him heavily injured will come and then it goes in the other direction.

So, lets celebrate the huge Ws of our boys this week!
Too late lmao. The Counter troll begins
Not open for further replies.