Will LeZoro James Continue to Carry the SNs to a Ring Against the Yonko?

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He didnt even manage to scratch P1 after hitting him with one of his strongest kicks, things are not looking great for Sanji, if Oda dosent give him any good moments this arc, then his fans should accept that these good moments will just never come.
Are you talking about anime stuff?
Because if you do so you also have to consider as canon that base Sanji low diffed full Zoan X-Drake who is YC4 level or higher.

In the manga he kicked hybrid Page One from the sky and just that no-named attack made Page One scream, than the fight was off-screened and in the next chapter Sanji was completely clean.

Taking only the informations that are usefull for an argument while ignoring the others from a source is cherry picking.
How so "no one" ? Chrono just wanked Sanji out of nowhere and somehow you didn't say anything to him (a Sanjifan) but instead you went up against a Zorofan ... curious :sus:
Idk what he said but what i said is something i said, i haven't come across him since like 2 days... and plus i wasn't going against a zoro fan (well black tooth sama is just all talk little to no contribution to the argument) .. it was my mistake that i didn't see a certain panel and caused an argument regarding it i even apologized.... not really going "against" anyone
Considering I dont think the YC's to be mere fodders for top tiers, like some here do, I think Sanji having a legit 1v1 against King, while Zoro and Luffy fight the Yonkos doesn't do anything against the M3 dynamic alone.

But Sanji doesn't have his matchup yet. So....yeah..there's that.
It would simply preserve the Luffy>Zoro>Sanji. I say that because Luffy will, ultimately, be the one to shine the most during the Dome fight. Unfortunately.

But I completely understand Zoro having more significant power displays as we approach the endgame, since Zoro's "main story opponent" is Mihawk. Sanji doesn't have a "main story opponent" like Zoro. It makes little sense to showcase him as much as Zoro.
Oda still maintains the rivalry and their dynamic through other story events, like they being the ones clashing against the enemy's main forces before raid, they both together saving Toko, and so on. The bounty similarity (whether you wanna complain about the reasons for the bounties or whatever). In Oda's mind, these things should be enough to keep their dynamic going, but eventually Zoro will have more significant opponents, due to his goals directly putting him in a rush for power.

I still think the M3 will be the ones tackling the Admirals for the SH's. Jinbei has peaked already and he has shown during Marineford that he can't handle Admiral on his own. I would also consider this to be the case for Sanji, since during FI they were portrayed fighting Wadatsumi together, but Sanji got the RS, which is the justification for his power growth. But there are 4 Admirals. I have HIGH hopes for Yamato, and hopefully she will be the one fighting the 4th Admiral. Not going into detail of who is fighting who. Only Luffy vs Akainu seems set in stone. I've seen the arguments for Zoro vs Fuji, or Zoro vs Kizaru, or Sanji vs Kizaru or Sanji vs Ryokugyu, so I'm putting that on hold. And no, I dont think Kizaru is stronger than Fuji or Ryo just because he is a OG Admiral. I think that's an extremely simplistic view and I'm not fond of that.

(I believe in Sanji vs Roux, but if Mihawk joins Shanks, Sanji vs Beckmann is my new favorite likely fight, beating even Sanji vs King aerial greatness).

I don’t think that Mihawk would join Shanks maybe he will be an ally. I think it will be Roux vs Sanji. I think they would understand each other really good, Roux would love Sanjis cooking


Tiny rubbles compared to lifting onigashima lol
Is he really comparing lifting some trash to a whole damn island bigger than dressrosa?
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This place is shit

Big Zolo circlejerk and the mods do nothing to stop it

Did you join this forum just to bitch and complain?
How so "no one" ? Chrono just wanked Sanji out of nowhere and somehow you didn't say anything to him (a Sanjifan) but instead you went up against a Zorofan ... curious :sus:
And lemme get this straight, idc what others from the fan club i affiliate with say... i have disagreed with @Chrono in many occasions and even he knows that.. but at the end we settle it in peace.. but bruh i Also agree with zoro fan club members with some of what they say the likes of @Cinera and with @Blother and it usually ends up with no friction... but certain people from that fanclub do tend to be provocative just saying

edit: not fake more like dead center between the 2 fanclubs but Sanji FC is wholesome and that and Kid FC ig is where i am if i am in a FC
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