How Will O-Lin Play Out?

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show me those panels which I highlighted please
Ask your luffy tards gang which panel they highlight the previous time while saying CoC punch is >>> Ashura whilst it got callef fun here by Kaido who just shivered like shit and panted and sweated from the scar Zoro left the last time he appeared like that Against Oden but here is far worse while he shivered in his strongest form lmao
1. Glad it was confirmed Tama can't control actual zoan users. That kills any sort of Executive control theories.

2. Hopefully Page 1 isn't done and either Usopp or Chopper can continue to get a good fight. Nothing here indicates Usopp got a defining, powerup moment so either Page 1 isn't done or he's fighting Ulti with Nami and Zeus (once he's disowned)

3. Tama will use Queen's mic to tell all the controlled henchmen to do something drastic. I guess it'll be something different than just being army fodder, since that is exactly what they are doing now

4. Kid confirmed to still be going after BM, which is good. They have to keep her away from Kaido, I like that they are doing this. What I'm more curious about is what Kid actually does next to try and stop her or fight her.

5. Zoro and Law MIA but it'll be interesting to see what they do.

6. Still NO confirmed matchups for Sanji, Yamato (maybe) and Chopper. Maybe Chopper is poised to fight Page 1 if he recovers, IF Usopp is meant to fight Ulti with Nami. Maybe Usopp and Chopper have another teamup like in Alabasta against him. What I do hope is that he's not down, not nearly enough time has been dedicated to the actual fights, but rather plot movement. This is fine, but everybody needs something this arc, there really can't be any loose ends about strength or powerups after this arc.

Really interesting shift though. Literally only Luffy and Kaido on the roof now. We have no idea what Big Mom is going to actually do either, nor Kid.
Zoro and Law will rest and Toki/Hiyori will probably find them and try to tend their wounds. Then from there fight calamities
That was 99% Luffy 1% Sanji. Sanji knocked down by fodder gifter after he took out his RS. His durability is ass. Remind me of Punk Hazard where his bone get crushed by no named non haki Vergo's leg.
Luffy yet G4 couldn't stop her when he went to fight her on her own, so G3 > G4? Stop with headcannons and stop with hypocrisy when Killer was a gifter and brainwashed compare to Sanji who doesn't fight females, but still shown he can fight males on feats. He tanked attacks in this arc and came fine from them unlike Killer who along with Zoro fainted each other out.

You mean same arc Yeti Brothers one-shot Zoro and he fainted while Sanji despite nerfed send Vergo flying and bleeding twice? His leg was fine whole arc, so Idk why you keep headcannon. Why don't you admit fault? Your not making sense here.
He beats MF WB, but he ain't beating any of the C3 imo.
The data books said that high level observation can counter Kizaru. Current Snake Man + FS + advanced COC..... I think that can definitely handle Kizaru.

Aokiji is more debatable, if I were ranking the top strongest I would have him right next to Luffy.

And yeah, I think Akainu can beat Luffy extreme diff.
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Looool nah don't even try it, we are all taking this L together. You best come chill with us in the loser's spot like everybody else.
Nah take your L and sit down with ur gang of wankers who said that CoC punch blah blah blah just to find out that it got called fun do u know when it was the last time Kaido appeared in that state post Ashura ? It's against oden but now dude even panted and shivered In his strongest form lmao :suresure:
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