How Will O-Lin Play Out?

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- handful means around 5 ... it's HANFUL
English isn’t your first language right? “Handful” means any amount you can fit into your hand lol. There is no specific number associated with a handful, it can be literally any number but usually only refers to a small amount of people.

10 top tiers out of billions is definitely a handful. There’s probably more than just 10 too lol.

- Kaido didn't consider ANY MARINE as people who can FIGHT HIM
Kaido was only drawing from subjective experience. The Marines have already captured Kaido and turned him into a lab rat multiple times in the past. Turning Kaido into a lab rat proves that they do not want to kill him, they merely want to experiment on him lol.

- Admirals FEARD CoC power
When? They were shocked that Luffy had CoC, they’ve never shown fear of CoC. Lol
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I hope Killer beats Hawkins and ends the pirate career of the card-bi*ch once and for all.

92% probability of dying? Hawkins is in for a surprise.

In fact I still would not count out Kidd or Killer getting another face off with Apoo so Oda closes the feud between their alliance.
Definitely more enjoyable and serious than post time skip. Denying that is just wrong or people who do that have some weird belief that Oda is a goat writer who will return to his prime writing.
"More serious" isn't objectively true given the plot at hand (getting closer to the true history and beating the emperors, the actual competitors, in the race to One Piece as well as whatever Imu is up to and other such plots) or an actual qualification for determining a better story, unless the plot relevance I mentioned is the type of consideration you use. Laboon, DBF, Klabautermann... there's all sorts of silly shit if you really wanna sit here and go on about how there isn't a nostalgia high or double standard at work.
He's not talking about me lol

That's oda fault not mine

It said they couldn't kill him
-Shanks ACoC
-Whitebeard ACoC
-Big mom ACoC
they can kill kaido his introduction is just retcon
Bro you don't know why its stated. You haven't seen his flashback. They could always hurt him. Once again you thought Youkous couldn't hurt Kaidi when his introduction showed a big ass scar on him. Hurting n killing two different things
The Marines have already captured Kaido and turned him into a lab rat multiple times in the past.
Then how come Kaido is 1 v 1 king? Where does that coming from?

From beating Ladmirals in 1 v 1?

Imagine Admirals needed make ''certain preparations'' to capture Old Rayleigh (same Rayleigh that Kaido doesn't even consider top 5), and even they were helpless against Marco,

While you Admiral wanker thinking Ladmirals can fight equally with Kaido or other Yonko, stop crying already, even Zoro wankers left you alone :milaugh:
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