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The chapter was pretty dark for once. Really curious about what will happen next, good thing that there is no break.
If Kinemon survives this, I call bullshit!! But he was definitely the best scabbard.

Momo hearing voices probably means something is coming or something big is about to happen.

Love that Zoro and Sanji both still want to fight, I think all the straw hats are ready to die, there is no escaping nor surrendering.

Last but not least, my boy Luffy will come back stronger and dawn will come with him.
Luffy didn't run out of haki but Luffy still can't clad in CoC properly...of course he used it for the first time, so there will be some issues...but that's okay as long as he didn't lose because he ran out of haki it is fine....he can come back even stronger....next time he will use it properly...it also tells us that whatever Luffy had in his arsenal is enough to defeat Kaido....he just needs to put things together and use it in a most effective way....kinda predicted way before.... :steef:

Luffy is not the reincarnation of joyboy, but he will inherit the will of joyboy...

Now this is interesting stuff.....if this translation is true, then it shuts all "so called reincarnation..." theorists...this definitely emphasizes the difference between "reincarnation" and "inherited will"...somehow..CoC/will of D/joyboy are inherently related....do any of you remember Whitebeard started to support Luffy the moment he showed CoC for the first time and also told "show me what you can do...."...yes, Luffy is not reincarnation of joyboy but he has to "inherit" the will of joyboy and become the joyboy....looks like CoC users and more importantly D clan and its affiliated clans with CoC have a high potential to become joyboy...I believe Kozuki clan is one of the allied clans of "D clan"...Oden tried to become joyboy but unable to become...that is why he told no one can defeat Kaido in next 20 years.....looking forward to how Luffy will inherit the will of joyboy...

Kaido knows Luffy defeat has severe impact on the alliance....he knows Luffy is the pillar of the alliance......and Zoro and Sanji duo as usual rejected the proposal of surrender....best right and left hand man....and Luffy is already drowning.....who will save him now?....:josad:

Momonosuke can hear sounds again......Zuneisha is near or some other sea kings....? or wano being giant turtle theory is true?...if so that means it makes more sense that Momo saving wano by moving giant turtle than being dragon etc.....let us see what this holds for the future....

Chopper actually didn't do anything much to the Queen.....he badly needs haki.....Chopper has potential.....anyways Zoans hype/commanders hype is still there.....anyways whatever it is good combat feat for chopper......:choppawhat:

I hope that Kanjuro and Kiku finally dead...hope he stays like that...hope Oda won't pull some lame twists....now what happened to orochi....? ....I don't want Kinemon to die...at least not yet...he should re unite with his wife....any scabbard can die but not Kinemon....so I don't believe he is dead....

finally Onigaishima reached Wano.....:finally:.....

Anyways, plot wise and action wise chapter advanced a lot....really making me looking forward to future events more than ever.......

Luffy's wide, stretchy, rubbery smile still can't compete with Joy Boy's legendary grill. Koido watches Luffy hit the water and swim with his bretheren, but the reason for his shortfall becomes a little mystery. He could have run out of haki stamina, but that's a G4 thing. No question Kaido got the last hit as Luffy is completely out of it. Kaido says Luffy couldn't become Joy Boy, likely a reference to 1011 when he noted Luffy's smile only got wider in the face of precarious circumstances. Perhaps a connection to the D and their death smile. Joy Boy is a key figure of the Void Century and only the Neptune royal family, Poneglyph readers, and the WG elite should know about him. For Kaido to not only know about this but go beyond as to liken Joy Boy to a reincarnation or title one can achieve like becoming Pirate King makes the flashback with Rocks more interesting than ever.

When in doubt, Chopper can always count on a Caesar flashback. The doctors play roughhouse as Chopper very admirably stalls Queen, eating damage and exhausting himself in the process. Apparently 20+ minutes have passed since 1007's Monster Point. Far beyond his initial 3 min time limit thanks to the pharmacist Cedar, who might be making a killing selling Rumble Balls to Zoan users, in under 10 minutes the nasty side effects will start to kick in. Unfortunately, stalling Queen doesn't even seem to be helping Marco, probably because Perospero is acting as great support peppering the entire battlefield with arrows. I just have to admire how Perospero stepped in as the archer the Wano arc was missing. Chopper's hopes rest on a side effect doing something unpredictable and granting him an advantage, or the Scabbards showing up to take over his fight.

Time for our regularly scheduled update around the base. Black Maria holding it down against Brook and Robin actually looks appropriate considering how hard Usopp and Nami got dominated by Page One and Ulti. Jinbe and Who's Who both look so clean and bored that WW actually returned to base, they just can't wait for Oda to let them fully unleash. And Kid lives to brag for one more chapter about how he doesn't care, but actually really cares for his fellow Superbud Luffy.

Kanjuro draws the second Joker in the deck. When Momo's cries upstairs make Kanjuro crack a big fat smile and put on his jolly Oden costume, you know you have a lovable scumbag. His masterful self-portrait and method acting never flinch once as Kiku, who has already seen his trick, charges at him with a blade. Phony Oden takes out a second Scabbard. Kiku failed to finish Kanjuro the first time, lost an arm and sword to Kaido, defeated by Phoden. Sad to say, but Kiku has been crowned the worst performing Scabbard. I love that Kanjuro learned from his full power ink army getting defeated and switched to winning with Kurozomi slimeball tactics. He disrespects Oden's image until the end, removes his costume to mock Kiku, then turns his bloody grin to backstab Kinemon while he's on the ground only for his number to finally get cut. Kanjuro has no second thoughts, no regrets, no reflections. For his best friend to bring the curtain down on his life performance is the beautiful ending the ham actor did not deserve and he knows it. He lived and died a lunatic married to his role, what a damn unique villain.

For a Kin'emon whose heart is in complete and utter agony, a Kaido clubbing to the head is just what the doctor ordered. The announcement that Kaido has defeated all his challengers including the largest bounty, that it's time to surrender or papa Kaido is coming down to clean up the trash is how you send shivers down everyone's spines. As Kaido noted, the samurai are quite loyal and devoted to the leader who rescued them, gave them weapons and their will to fight. They turned their backs on the Kozuki family and received 20 years of darkness as punishment, they won't be giving up on Luffy and even seeing his head would probably not change that. So the horror show begins as Kaido whacks his first victim because Yamato couldn't stay put for two more chapters. It's finally time! Time to start sorting characters into "Pedro or Pound" piles. :madmonk:

A great chapter most likely capping Volume 100. Onigashima finally sees land meaning half of its journey is over. Momo told Shinobu after the reading the journal that he must stay alive, echoing Yamato's words that he is essential for bringing the Dawn. He could be Joyboy, Uranus, or is just needed to open Wano. The headaches could be Zunisha or Sea Kings, but Wano is isolated, elevated, and it would a little too convenient if they rescue Luffy without someone's command. Law could contact the Polar Tang for a simple solution. I will personally bet my boy Harudako the octopus, responsible for nearly drowning Luffy and separating him from the crew at the start of Wano, is here to redeem himself by saving and reuniting Luffy with the others.
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