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Despite the mention of the Rumble Ball improvement in the previous chapter, Chopper didn't do anything related to it in the current chapter and it is also not connected in fighting Queen. Hence, I'm still rooting on the possibility that the Rumble Ball might be used by Luffy in awakening his DF.
I hope Momo turns into a dragon to save himself and shinobu from falling into the sea and Kaido sees him!i want to see his reaction!He might want to capture Momo instead of killing him!
  • Funny that Sanji uses his first handheld weapon since Enies Lobby against Wanze, and it happens to be Zoro. It's another EL callback but to Zoro using Sogeking as his meito Hana-Arashi.

  • Briscola confirms feeding dango to the Gifters without Tama's order accomplishes nothing. It might even help them as the great taste heals them by placebo.

  • The idea that Queen drilled holes into his own teeth to insert those retractable needle fangs just makes me wince. Queen's self modifications are just insane, the fact that they combine with his Zoan transformation just puts Cyborg Franky to shame.

  • When Kaido talks about how accepting defeat is difficult, this overgrown loser might have plenty of personal experience to share:pepemy:
I really like that Sanji is the Strawhat who makes the cheesy speech about miracles and Chopper is the one who needs to be convinced. Chopper is the child of the Strawhats, the youngest and strongest candidate to first cry his heart over Luffy, and in general almost as gullible as a Tontatta so he easily believes the enemy's words. On the other hand, Sanji recently underwent a test of faith in Tottoland, where the problems started because Sanji doubted the Strawhat's ability to deal with two Yonko and gave into Big Mom's demands. By the end, Sanji became Mr. Miracle betting that Luffy would do the impossible:

Chopper was there in Tottoland to witness Luffy beat the unbeatable, a reminder from Sanji should especially resonate and restore the reindeer's hopes.

Amusing that the title and focus of the chapter, Chains (Bonds), pits Kin and Momo's relationship against that of Kaido and Yamato. Kin'emon pretended to be Momo's father since they left Wano, but he holds him in far too high regard to treat him like an actual child and he definitely knows he could never replace his true father and his dear lord Oden. Kin pays the ultimate price and sacrifices his own life for a kid he only had a pretend familial bond with, because Wano needs its future Shogun.

We contrast that to the broken family dynamic between Kaido and Yamato. Yamato won't address Kaido as father, Yamato is there to END Kaido. Absolutely no respect for a monster that needs to die. Kaido for his part declared this brat the Shogun of New Onigashima. But this is the brat that could have died from an explosive collar any time during the last 20 years. Yamato is an annoyance he sends the Tobbiroppo and grunts to deal with, not a person worth acting like a responsible parent for. Would Kaido sacrifice anything for his locked up spawn? Maybe just his patience.

VOAT seemingly calling out to Law's crew just looks like an unnecessary convenience here, but most likely Oda is planting seeds for something greater. I could imagine the absolute pinnacle of this power giving Luffy the ability to truly connect his voice with all people and all things simultaneously, it might be necessary to achieve his hidden dream.

I know that people wanted to milk the drama from Luffy's defeat, putting the other Strawhats and the alliance in a trial where they have to continue without Luffy until the golden boy returns at the pivotal hour. It's a rather standard shonen development and we've seen it before in One Piece. The 10 minutes when Luffy rested in Dressrosa and everyone else stalled weakened Doflamingo and kept pushing the cage. The ~12 hours when Luffy was facing Katakuri, forced a lying smile to his crew, and then disappeared with no updates as they had their own tasks to continue. I'm sure we'll see this test of faith one more time whether it's later in Wano, against Blackbeard or in the final war.

Let's appreciate the very unique and remarkable scene that played out before our eyes. Luffy, after being defeated, after being rendered unconscious, after sent to drown in the depths, STILL took account of the situation and reached out to the others. He knew because he failed, Kaido was heading downstairs and the alliance would start to raise doubts about the fate of their leader and the odds of still prevailing. Luffy remembered them. He acted as their leader from under the waves and gave them purpose and resolve.

Luffy could have been a good-natured but selfish man like Oden, taking on the burden and suffering by himself but hesitant tell anything to his Scabbards and only relying on them at the end. All symbolized by boiling Oden holding them over his head while Shinobu tells everyone the truth. Instead, Luffy has developed in the opposite direction. Luffy's mind surpassed his own body so he can tell the alliance about his failure. Luffy is counting on the samurai. He needs them to stay strong and motivated in the face of Kaido, they must share some of burden until he returns. Luffy is being the leader Oden never stepped up to be, the kind of man needed to free Wano once and for all.
9.5/10 Chapter.

  • Sanji sending Queen flying and his serious tone. "Leave the dino to me" was a great line. Sanji vs Queen should be awesome. It's good to see Sanji in a high diff battle. The last time was against Jabra in Enies Lobby which is way too damn long.
  • Interaction between Sanji and Zoro was a funny callback.
  • Yamato vs Kaido will be great. Possible Yamaton power reveal and backstory on Kaido.
  • The idea of the raining candy arrows from Perospero was cool.
  • Nico Robin appearance.
  • The dead bodies of Kiku and Kanjuro. Kaido killing Kinemon. Awesome stuff. There are real stakes in Wano and real consequences. If any of the 3 survive that's just bad storytelling.
  • Kid smiling at the realization of Luffy's survival. The alliance with Law against BM should be a great fight.
  • No break next week.

  • Law's crew saving Luffy. This was an underwhelming payoff to Luffy drowning.
  • Momo telling everyone that Luffy was okay. Would have been better storytelling to have everyone fighting in despair and uncertainty.
  • Nami getting the Zeus powerup. Enough of the back and forth who cares. Just give Nami the Zeus powerup permanently.

It seems like a lot of the filler that we have experienced is over and we are in for some epic shit to close out Act III.
I want Sanji to display his own version of the Rokushoki skills against Queeen(he already developed sky walk from Geppou) fused with Sanji's fighting style and DJ; imagine a fiery Rankyaku or fiery foot shigan that would be cool and used with the road suit it will be devastating. If this is still not enough for Queen then Oda could make so that an unconscious Sanji who has become affected by the virus to awaken his Germa genes
Kaido clearly said to Kinemon "It's not easy. But sometimes you have to accept defeat." Then after that he comments about "honorable death".

Now, about the ZKK scenario you guys often talking about. Scenario is basically:
Luffy defeats Kaido -> Luffy collapsed yet Kaido stands up again with zoan recovery -> Kaido can't accept defeat then he goes ham, either targetting unconscious Luffy or running amok in Flower Capital -> ZKK.

Connecting the events above, Kaido should just accept defeat after Luffy defeated him. Based on what he said to Kinemon, he shouldn't wake up to attack Luffy again post his defeat (unless he is being a hypocrite to Kinemon).

Then about the "honorable death" part, being killed by Zoro after trying to either attack sitting duck Luffy or going rampage post his defeat doesn't sound like "honorable death" to me.
Honorable death fits more with a scenario like, Luffy defeats him, then either Marine or CP0 come then Kaido pulled a Zephyr to end the arc. And a final good moment for him and Yamato before his death.

What do you think? @Cinera @Aknolagon @Rivaille @Guan Yu @HA001 etc.
By the way, with the viz translation, it really does sound like Kaido will end up being a hypocrite.
"The problem with defeat is so few can accept it when it arrives!!!" sounds to me like Kaido won't accept his defeat when the time comes.
We live in a world where
Despite the mention of the Rumble Ball improvement in the previous chapter, Chopper didn't do anything related to it in the current chapter and it is also not connected in fighting Queen. Hence, I'm still rooting on the possibility that the Rumble Ball might be used by Luffy in awakening his DF.
That makes zero sense. The rumble ball helps chopper alter and create new hybrid forms (he now only needs it for monster point). That does not in anyway translate to luffy

Zoro D Goat

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Top tier comment LOL thank you for this, your usage of emoji and gif will never get old
Zoro fanboiz downrated this chapter when seeing Sanji moment :))) hahaa
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That's trueeee. Zoro fanboiz will not accept the true that Sanji more useful than Zoro :)))
Top tier analysis little goat.
Thank you thank you gentlemen.:cheers::cheers:
I read all of them. Let me analys your post chapter.

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