Who has the best Hybrid Form so far?

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@AdmiralKinyagi can you translate this?
Question : ページ数は普通の17ページだよな? あとクイーンの人獣型はこれに似てる?
Answer : 17ページ クイーンは人獣披露するよ 姿は顔そのままで胴体はおそ松くんのデカパン 左腕が鳥山明の自画像みたいなアーム(3本指)でそれが尻尾にもある
I got the same thing as @ivaannom. Basically, Queen’s hybrid form is really really weird.
Who's who uses hagan, it's like shigan but with a sword and other rokushiki techniques.
WsW is really rocking, what the dude must take, people didn´t see him as opponent for Jinbe, they want Brook to fight him, people though Jinbe would mid diff him easily away. Glad that Oda put lot of effort for WsW, like he beeing with Lucci the most genius fighters, he having a plot around the Gomu Gomu fruit and giving Jinbe a hard battle.

Really can´t expect more, the only thing with I now want is bounty reveal+probably awakening...
@Sentinel , @MonsterKaido , @Hanzo hattori , @TheKnightOfTheSea
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