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I can't believe I am this early for a chapter!
The fight was good and as others said, Idon't think it is over yet. Nice to see a fight chapter once in a while and for Jimbei to get his shine. I'm liking him more and more.
The part about the sun god is interesting and Jimbe seems to know something about this, judging from his reaction.
As about this conversation , Who is Who made every possible mistake. He doesn't even seem to realize how offensive and racist he is. Good to see Jimbei f... him up!

Half of the chapter is the Tama plot again, Oda should finish it at last and give more space to other characters.


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Luffy's silhoutte matches to sun god's

I think Nika is likely Luffy.

It is say that “Nika” is a legendary warrior who can make people smile and release them from their pain, and that one day he would come to liberate all slaves in the world.

Jinbe: "If you want to talk about someone else's history...
then you better not come with half-ass resolution!!

The way Jinbe looks so upset and spells those words exactly makes me realize WsW is probably wrong about the Sun God being likely strictly related to the Fishmen Pirates and their slavery, in the sense that it's not Fisher Tiger at least most likely.
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