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It's really no different than Jabra, Kumadori and Fukurou not being introduced until Enies Lobby.

We knew about CP9 in Water 7 and met Lucci, Bleuno, Kaku, and Kalifa first then saved the rest for Enies Lobby. Just like we learned about the Tobi Roppo in Wano with Drake and Page One.

If anything its less random because we knew there were 6 members to begin with, so we anticipated seeing the remaining 4 members.
I actually don't value Enies Lobby all that much because of all those reasons.

Arc endings have never been oda's strength imho.

My top 5 arcs still remain:

1) Water 7
2) Sabaody
3) Jaya
4) Zou
5) Skypiea
This truly cements that there is no logical reason why big mom shouldn't fall
the beast pirates are dropping like flies
the alliance is crushing

The more people who win their fights, the more people there are to assist against the yonko

Expect it to be:

Straw hats vs Kaido
Kid, Law, Killer, Hawkins, Apoo, and Drake vs Big Mom
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