What do you guys think Yamato's mythical devil fruit is?

  • Kirin/Qilin

    Votes: 81 32.3%
  • The Amaterasu Wolf from Ōkami

    Votes: 110 43.8%
  • Lion King

    Votes: 10 4.0%
  • Something else

    Votes: 32 12.7%
  • Dragopuppy is a slow mod

    Votes: 4 1.6%
  • TACy is even worse

    Votes: 14 5.6%

  • Total voters
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So it looks like Yamato's DF is either the White Tiger or the Kirin? Personally, it looks like it's the latter to me.
I would say "Shiro okami/Shirokami":



Ancient historic accounts from Japan report this mythical story how the wolf deity, a white wolf (白狼, shirōkami), in times of need suddenly appeared to Yamato Takeru, son of Emperor Keikko (around AD100). Takaru got lost on a road near Mitakesan (御嶽山) when a local demon shapeshifted into a white deer (白鹿) and obstructed the road. The white wolf showed him the way and let his army on the right path, "and Takeru commanded the white wolf to stay in Mitakesan as a true god, in order to slay any local demons."

Probably yeah. They're associated with protecting from fires apparently and isn't Onigashima on fire right now? Well the castle itself ofc? Kaido's fire too? And didn't Oden die by fire too? Well partially fire ofc?



Yes of course one of the strongest. He is so strong that he would outperform everyone.

Shut your bullshit ass finally.

Keeping it realistic that bitch didn't even show proper CoA and you think he can fight Zoro on regular terms:milaugh:
So him beating Queen doesn't make him one of the strongest? Beating someone who Big Mom and Macro couldn't harm much? Yeah your true idiot, Titty.

I bet you give feats to Zoro for one-shotting fodder like that magistrate over anything anyone does because it's Zoro. When in reality anyone can beat a fodder :milaugh:.

His COA is the reason he hurting Queen, so Idk what you mean. He isn't Zoro with magical sword to be able to get involve in a fight and have teams to fight with him. Though even with that sword, he couldn't beat Apoo in a fight one on one and teams :kayneshrug:.
No case closed dumbass. He'd have lost before he gets anywhere near close to doing it. That's the point
Okay, out of interest how do you see the fight going down in your head?
We will agree to disagree anyway, but I really wanna know.

It feels like you think he would instantly just run into one of Zoro's all out attacks. Is that how you imagine it going down?
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amaterasu has no wolf form or any wolf connection. that was something the game okami made up. it is not part of the amaterasu myth.
I know that. People are saying that Oda might've taken inspiration from it for her design but I disagree. I doubt he can or will use a fictional version that's not mentioned in any mythology. Kirin makes the most sense.
Remember when I arrived to the website. We had conversation and you told me they troll you cause you didn't agree on some stuff on Zoro and don't like you from that. Don't you remember our talk :kayneshrug:?
I was partly joking. I agree some Zoro fans are quick with calling someone a 'heretic' for apparently not being enough of a Zoro fan.

The one trolling me was only @HA001 as far as I remember. He's just fierce tho, that's just the way he talks.
Compared to your takes his takes are less idiotic. Like, it is as if you're reading a different manga. You're not even a Sanji hardliner (such as Chrono for example) but you are just a source of pure headcanon and delusion.
I seriously question your reading comprehension
Oda likes his smoke and fire effects without giving even the start of an explanation.
At this point every motherfucker is walking around with smoke and fire surrounding him.

And don't get me started with the lightning effects (is it CoA, adv CoA, normal clash, CoC, adv CoC, normal CoC, special power???).
Oda now draws as if to make it look cooler for the anime adaptation.
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