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Garp the Fist

Good chapter. No break next week either, that must be one of the first times in years we’ve had four chapters in a row? Nice after that chapter break chapter break system we had before to get into a good rhythm.

Yep, Usopp CoC double confirmed, his lie will come true, and he’s said about CoC twice now. Good transition chapter in a sense, gives us what the rest of the Strawhats will be doing- the fire is spreading rapidly and they’ll be holding the doors to the live floor. Where they can all eventually gather and it’ll be a last stand time place against Kaido’s forces, maybe Big Mom, CP-0.

Interesting Yamato flashback. CoC confirmed. I’m sure that cave os another folklore reference but I can’t remember for certain.

So are they the remaining Daimyo? One looks like a bit like Denjiro (but only after his face changed), the other kind of like a fat Holdem (and that proest in Oden’s flashback we thiught might have been Holdem). And the other is obviously Ushimaru. Little Yamato again confirming that she will go out to sea for the hundredth time. Certainly a great chapter for Yamato’s chances as a Strawhat, especially since I still think there’s more to come there. It might be the case that we are going to see her flashback split up a chapter with Ace, then a chapter with the samurai, then another later and so on. It’ll be interesting to see Yamato react to Zoro, given how alike he and Ushimaru look. I also liked the Strawhats wondering who could be holding off Kaido, I think that could lead somewhere when they find out it was her.

Also those samurai must be massive cause we’ve seen that kid Yamato was even bigger than most humans.

Kaido’s “there are no easy answers” is again a mildly interesting turn for when we finally find out what Kaido actually wants with Wano and why.
This chapter was PHENOMENAL. The pacing, the art, the emotions, the comedy, everything. I didn't understand the Yamato hype until this chapter. She's in.

Usopp started off the chapter with a bang :gokulaugh: His moment is definitely coming in the next arc.

Big Mom is not to be underestimated. She's probably throwing all kinds of CoC-infused attacks at Kid and Law right now

And for all the people who said the SHs won their battles too easily: Franky's mech is destroyed. Robin can't even walk anymore. Jinbe is understandable because he's a monster

And ofc there's more Wings hype which is nice. I love how Luffy, Zoro and Sanji have such a massive presence within the crew even when they aren't seen or heard

Yamato's flashback...no words. I'll have to gather my thoughts in the morning
Good chapter.

• Nice little flashback for Yamato, we got to meet Ushimaru as well (surely Zoro's father). Probably will come up again in the fight between Zoro and King, if I have to guess.

• Liked the scene with Usopp, foreshadowing of him unlocking King's Haki, probably in Elbaf, an important destination for him.

• Even if we didn't see her, we got a glimpse of Big Mom power (King's Haki) that is affecting people up there. Wonder on how Law and Kid are doing, I am very curious to go back to that fight. Oda needs to have something important in store for them.

• Once again this chapter implied that Yamato is joining the crew.

• Power wise, Yamato is a true beast. Clashed equally with Kaido using King's Haki (Thunder Bagua), fought him until this point. Yamato : "You are trying to kill me". Kaido : "Exactly." " I am not playing around, Yamato". So much for Kaido playing around @MarineHQ62 :myman:

• Yamato needs to get out of that Oden shit :whitepress:. How many times had Oda even mentioned Oden's name during Wano? Lol

• The last panel looks very nice and Kaido looks amazing in the colored version. I also liked his "there are no easy answers" line.
It turned out better than expected:

- I hope this is not the end of the flashback,
- I wonder who the other two samurai can be, the tall one resembles Denjiro, and the painted one resembles Kawamatsu,
- Ushimaru's back tattoo - there is more than two crossed swords there,
- this panel with the katanas hammered in the ground is a bit like the Imu throne room to me,




Yamato might have to go down just to put of the fire, since her mythical animal is known for fighting fire.
and for those who are saying Yamato will not join think about what is she saying in the last page.
She is complaining about her freedom being taken and who is known for being free and like freedom? Luffy.


Lazy is the way
The more we learn about Wano manpower the more Oden battle is stupid….

You have Yasuie / Hyogoro / Ushimaru / those two great swordsmen who didn’t fight with Oden and the scabbards.

I know they wanted to make a secret operation and killing Kaido in his sleep but still they left behind a lot of great soldiers
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