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The Soul King
One Piece - Chapter 1027
Title: Danger Beyond Imagination

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https://onepiecechapters.com/chapters/132/one-piece-chapter-1027 (the link has some issues)

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The chapter is lit.

Holy shit not only did Kaido /Luffy's kings haki clash split the skies and it shook the entire island.

Luffy really is out here trying to shatter that (If it's 1 vs 1 always bet on Kaido) trope. I am kinda dissapointed I wanted to see Luffy/Yamato teams up for a bit.

i love the trust Yamato has in Luffy, she already sounds like a Strawhat

Kinga is an absoute savage trying to throw Zoro out of Onigashima holy shit lol. This will be Zoro's hardest test post time skip for sure.
Great action chapter. The King finally getting his much needed panel time. Prankster Roger is too charming, the old man is just a fun-loving brat like Luffy and Ace at heart.

Onigashima will drop....in 5 minutes.

Can't wait to see how many anime episodes that totals. Yamato and Momo bonding again now as adults, revealing Yams is not an overgrown baka like Momo but has a level head on those shoulders. She guides the emotional Momo through flame cloud physics, calculates when the island will arrive, considers Luffy's desires and ability as part of the equation, even takes account of the explosive power inside Onigashima. That last part is a threat for the samurai and pirates inside Onigashima, because the capital is dead by flattening whether explosions go off or not. Funny that an active war with Big Mom/Momo making giant holes or Orochi setting fires never triggered the secret TNT stash. While Kaido's clouds are weakening, the 5 minutes look like a timer for Momo to go into action rather than a countdown to defeat.
Zoro has a Sky Tanuki Lance??:chopoff: A first look at partial hybrid King with his feather wings exchanged for dino wing arms and a head crest. A shame he dropped the blade, but it's a nice Marco-style compromise keeping King sleek, cool yet Zoan. No face beaks. Fully costumed King ripping through the air like a sky shark gives me super villain vibes to match Queen's Marvel motif. Sanji fights the big tanky metal man grounded on the floor. Zoro faces the speedy, highly mobile, flying foe who can overpower and ragdoll him with wing slaps. Love these match ups, but clearly King and Queen are too hostile for a proper 2v2. Zoro has shown some aerial mobility like the twister he used to climb EL's courthouse, for Oda to remind us of that here might result in a fun aerial battle outside the dome.

Katakuri, Killer, Ushimitsu Kozo, Who's Who and now King. Oda's unmasking fetish continues. The cliffhanger is the mask Marco was never able to chip off King's face, revealing he's not some birdmen or reptilian but a very angry humanoid with wings. The Lunarians don't look distant from the Skypeians/Birkans/Shandians now. Interesting that Wano and Shandia, the two brotherly countries of gold that have been interconnected quite a bit this arc (Oden/Noland, snake god/dragon god, sun/moon symbolism), suddenly find themselves at odds with a psuedo-Wano samurai like Zoro fighting a psuedo-Shandian like King. Excited to see where this goes, King may even take this fight over to Mt. Fuji.
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