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Gol D. Roger

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BangMi aka FraudMi
Thanks to Korean Leaks and confirmed by Redon
통피 차단 상태네. 부득이하게 프록시로 올리긴 하는데..11시에 지울 테니까 누가 복사해서 글 다시 따로 올려주길. 이 글 지우게.

* 제목 "상상을 뛰어넘는 위기"

* 루피가 야마토에게 모모노스케를 도와달라고 부탁..

* 야마토는 카이도와 1:1로 싸우고 싶은 루피의 의중을 파악.

* 야마토 : 용은 나는 게 아니라 만들어낸 구름을 쥐고 하늘을 달린다. 그 구름의 이름이 "불꽃 구름"!!

* 섬에서 떨어지는 잔해를 보고 야마토는 카이도의 힘이 약해져 불꽃 구름이 불안정해진 것으로 추측..

꽃의 도시에 떨어질 수도 있기 때문에 모모노스케가 불꽃 구름을 만들어 지탱해야 한다고 함.

* 조로 V.S 킹 쪽으로 전환

* 킹 팔만 익룡 상태가 되어 무차별 참격을 날림..

* 조로의 "울트라 호랑이 사냥"에 마스크 약간 파손

* 킹 돌격으로 돔 밖에 조로와 같이 나오는데 조로는 추락할 뻔함.

* 조로 : 적어도 검으로 죽여라...!! 용서못해!!!

킹 : 너도 말이야...!!!

(이미지 첨부)

* 다음 호 휴재 아님
- Chapter 1.027 Title : "Danger Beyond Imagination"
- Luffy asks Yamato to help Momonosuke.
- Yamato understands Luffy's intentions, he wants to fight a 1 on 1 with Kaidou.
- Yamato: "Dragons do not fly, they run through the sky grabbing the clouds they create. These clouds are called 'flame clouds'".
- We see rocks falling from Onigashima.
- Yamato believes that Kaidou's power is weakening and that his "clouds of flame" are unstable.
- Momonosuke must create his "clouds of flames" to hold Onigashima and prevent him from falling on the Capital of Flowers.
- Zoro vs King.
- King transforms and starts attacking both enemies and allies.
- Zoro breaks King's mask with an attack called "Ultra Tiger Hunt" and we see part of King's face.
- King takes Zoro out of the castle, who almost fell off the island.
- Zoro : "At least let me die with a sword or I won't forgive you."
- King : "I won't forgive you either."
- No Break next week
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Actually king attack with Throwing slashes, so it seems a new Attack but the Korean guy doesn't mention a name.

I hope there is a translator who can translate this correctly

"킹팔만익룡상태가되어 무차별 참격을 날림".
i not sure if my translate correct or not :
The king turned only his arm into Pteranodon and attacked indiscriminately.
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BangMi aka FraudMi
Deleted Q & A post from 5ch earlier

Thanks to 5ch and








- Momonosuke creates clouds on his legs, grabs them and thanks to them he can fly.
- These clouds are called "clouds of flames" (Homuragumo).
- Zoro uses the attack "Ultra Tiger Hunt" to stop King (although it is not the 100% correct name, the Japanese who has published the text has misspelled it).
- Then use a 2-sword style attack called “Clearance” to return to the island (he propels himself with it in the air).
- King's attack is called "Tankyudon" (again it is an error of the Japanese who has published the text, it is not exactly called that).
- The Japanese who publishes the text does not know if King uses his hybrid form or not, since he moves at great speed.
- King's skin is a little dark.
More :




BangMi aka FraudMi
Thanks to 5ch and Redon
- Zoro meets Franky, who offers his help. Zoro tells him that there is no need and to escape.
- Kaidou's power is weakening and Onigashima may fall.
- Even if he is defeated, Onigashima could fall on the Flower Capital.
- Onigashima has a lot of weapons and gunpowder, therefore it is a huge bomb.
- The only way to stop Onigashima is for Momonosuke to create "clouds of flames" more powerful than Kaidou's.
Full summary, thanks to redon from Arlong Park Forums.

Chapter 1,027: "Danger Beyond Imagination".

In the cover, we see Gol D. Roger running away from a furious lion while he cries with laughter. Roger painted lion's face while it was sleeping. In the background, we can see Shanks and Buggy in the top of a tree, they are still scared by the anger of the lion.

Chapter starts with Nekomamushi, who has returned to his normal form by covering his eyes from the moonlight. Perospero is KO on the ground, Carrot hugs Nekomamushi and Wanda also walks up to him.

Nekomamushi: "Be careful or you will transform into Sulong.
For some reason, the moon showed up again in the sky..."

We can see Onigashima in the sky while the clouds are separating more and more. Yamato and Momonosuke look up at the sky as Luffy and Kaidou are face to face after their collision.

Yamato: "I read it in the journal...!!"
When Roger and Shirohige clashed, the sky also splited!!!"

The impact of Luffy and Kaidou's clash was so powerful that shaked the entire island. We can see some rocks falling inside Onigashima's castle.

Yamato starts bleeding from his head.

Yamato: "Ah...
“Raimei Hakke”...
Although I tried to defend myself against it, it was completely impossible to block all of its power."

Luffy tells Yamato to go help Momonosuke, who is on the edge of the island unable to jump because he doesn't know how to fly yet. Yamato jumps on his head and tells Momonosuke that he is going to help him. Kaidou goes after them.

Kaidou: "Hey Yamato!! Momonosuke...
Where do you think you are going!!!"

Momonosuke freaks out when he sees Kaidou going after them. Then he thinks about the last moment he saw Kinemon before Kaidou attacked him. Momonosuke asks Kinemon for help from within. At that moment Kaidou reaches them but Yamato blocks his attack.

Luffy comes up from behind, stretches his legs and wraps Kaidou's neck with them to stop him.

Luffy: "Yamao!!"

Yamato: "I understand!!
You wanna fight alone, right!!?"

Luffy answers with a smile.

Luffy: "Yes!!!"

Momonosuke finally falls the cliff screaming in fear.

Momonosuke: "Aaaahh, I'm going to die!!!"

Yamato: "Momonosuke-kun!!
Grab the sky!!"

Momonosuke: "Grab!?"

Yamato: "“Dragons” don't fly!!"

Momonosuke: "Huh!?"

Yamato: "Create a cloud.
Grab the cloud!!"

As Yamato says this, we see how Momonosuke creates a cloud next to his claw and then grabs it strongly and propels himself with it.

Yamato: "Walk in the sky!!!
That is what “dragons” do!!!"

Momonosuke: "I'm flying!!!"

Yamato: "These clouds are called “Flame Clouds” (Homuragumo)!!!"

Suddenly, some rocks fall from the bottom of Onigashima. Yamato destroys them without problem. However more and more rocks are falling from the island.

Yamato: "The island is starting to collapse!!!"

Momonosuke: "Huh!!?"

Yamato: "It's not possible...
Kaidou's power... is weakening...!?
“Flame Clouds” are unstable."

Momonosuke: "It's very dangerous!!"

Momonosuke hits the lower area of Onigashima island with his head, but gets nothing.

Momonosuke: "I won't let this dangerous thing reach the “Flower Capital”!!!"

Yamato: "It's impossible, you won't be able to do anything this way Momonosuke-kun!!
We don't have time!!
It's too close!!!
The island will arrive in less than 5 minutes!!"

They both look at Onigashima thinking what to do.

Yamato: "The “Flame Clouds” are disappearing!!
The only way to stop the island is to push it with more powerful “Flame Clouds”!!!"

Momonosuke: "It's crazy!! I can't create something like that!!
I don't have the same strength as Kaidou!!"

Yamato: "You should be able to do it!!"

Yamato says that the situation is worse than he had imagined. If Onigashima lands as Kaidou had planned, there will be many victims in the city.

Yamato: "The worst will happen if Kaidou is defeated.
“Flame Clouds” will disappear and Onigashima will fall down before it reaches the capital!!
There's a massive amount of weapons and explosives in Onigashima!!!
The island itself is a giant bomb!!
If the island falls...!! Enemies and allies will be annihilated!!!"

Momonosuke: "Eh...
Then we need to warn Luffy...!!"

Yamato hits Momonosuke's head with his kanabo.

Yamato: "Idiot!!!"

Momonosuke: "Wah!!"

Yamato: "Luffy is the one carrying everything on his back...!!
Right now he is fighting alone!!!"

As Yamato speaks we see that Luffy and Kaidou are preparing another attack using their Color of the Supreme King Haki.

Yamato: "You can't defeat Kaidou without Luffy!!
So you can't give him more to worry about!!
You must to stop this yourself!!!"

Cut to the “Live Floor” in Onigashima's castle. We can see that King is attacking people all over the floor with cutting wind blades (both samurais and members of the Beast Pirates). Zoro is hit by King's attack, he tries to stop it with his swords but the attack is so powerful that Zoro flies through the wall.

We see that King is transformed into his hybrid form (although it's not confirmed in the chapter). His body remains human form but his arms turn into Pteranodon wings (the ones that he used to attack everyone) and there's a Pteranodon crest on his head.

King's attack has been so strong that Zoro flies through one of the corridors near to the “Live Floor”. Franky is there and manages to stop Zoro and stops his flight. Zoro says King is strong, Franky offers to help but Zoro says he's OK.

On the “Live Floor” we see that Queen is arguing with King.

Queen: "Damn King!!!
Stop with your indiscriminate attacks!!
You almost cut my ass!!"

King: "Too bad I didn't cut your neck."

Queen: "Ahh!!?"

Some Beast Pirates' subordinates speak about King's anger.

Subordinates: "Pirate Hunter Zoro...
he has managed to damage King's mask!!
No surprise he's angry ...
Since no one has ever seen how King is like under his mask!!"

As they say this, we see how King gets closer to Zoro and Franky. Indeed, Zoro has managed to cut one of the spikes of King's mask (the one on the left side).

Zoro: "Franky, it's better you leave this place...!!"

Franky: "Good luck!!"

King jumps and flies at high speed towards Zoro using a new attack.

King: "“Tankyudon” (Vermilion Imperial Bow - 丹弓皇 (タンキュウドン))!!"

Zoro defends himself.

Zoro: "“Santouryuu”...!!
“Tora Gari”!!!"

“Santouryuu: Ul Tora Gari” = Three Swords Style: Ultra Tiger Hunt (三刀流: 極虎狩り (ウルトラがり)).

Zoro stops King's flap and even manages to hit King's head. But King's attack is very powerful and Zoro is thrown away again. This time he goes through several walls and finally he's blown outside of Onigashima's castle. Zoro spits blood from his mouth.

King doesn't stop and attacks Zoro again (Zoro is surprised). The blow takes Zoro off Onigashima Island but Zoro reacts in time and manages to return to the island by propelling himself with a new attack called "Nitouryuu: Clearance/Clear Lance" (Two Swords Style: Celestial Tanuki Spear - 二刀流: 空狸槍 (クリアランス)).

Zoro: "Hah, hah...!!
That was dangerous...!!
At least let me die with a sword...!!
Or I won't forgive you!!!"

King: "I won't forgive you either...!!!"

We can see a close-up of King's face. As we saw before, Zoro's attack managed to hit King's head and broke a piece of his mask, the part above his left eye. We see that King has light colored hair (combed back) and slightly dark skin. It also seems that he has an elaborated mark or tattoo above his eye ...

End of chapter. No break next week.

Translation thanks to @PuckTheGreat.

Zoro: Sorry Franky, get far away from here!
Franky: Roger that! Give it your all!/I'm rooting for you!
King: "Tankyu"!!
Zoro: "Santoryu"!!
King: "Don"!!!
Zoro: "Ul"...
Zoro: ..."Tora gari"!!!
King: !?
Zoro: !!

Zoro: I'm falling!!
Zoro: "Nitoryu"
Zoro: "Clear Lance"!!
Zoro: Ugh
Zoro: huff..huff!!
Zoro: huff...huff...wheeze...wheeze
Zoro: That was close...!!
Zoro: Hey! At least let me die by a sword...!/At least kill me with a sword...! ()
Zoro: U're so dead!!!
King: Likewise!!!
Editor's note: What is that face...!?

Translation thanks to @PuckTheGreat.

Queen: King you fcker~!!!
Queen: Stop attacking indiscriminately!!
Queen: That shit grazed my ass!! (lit. That cut my ass!!)
King: Would've been super if it cut ur neck instead
Queen: What did you say!!?
Fodder: Zoro, the Pirate Hunter...
Fodder: ...he just had to go and damage King-san's mask!!
Fodder: Yh...(figures why he lost it/figures why he's so pissed)
Fodder: King-san's face...
Fodder: ...no one has ever seen it before...
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