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there's 22 cards
and hawkins until this chapter only used 4

The Fool ,The Hierophant,Death & The Tower
but here when he is defeated by killer we can see more cards
STRENGTH near killer right hand weapon .
JUDGEMENT at the bottom panel with hawkins.
THE SUN at killer's right leg .

(that's why i think even in wano hawkins still has some role to do he is not done )

here is the 22 cards


Wonderful World

Yep, i agree with you

But it is according to his character. He goes along the odds, he faced Kizaru when the odds were good and gave up againt Kaido when the oddds were bad.
I thought at one point he'd realize he needed to take risks regarding Kaido, but that hasn't happened. I expect he'll redeem himself in the next few chapters, assuming he isn't out for the rest of the fights.

I know that's his thing and all, but I assumed he got to where he was because he was a dreamer like the other Supernova. Turns out it's largely his tarot cards that lead him this far. I found his and Law's abilities the most interesting back when they were introduced. So, I overhyped myself regarding him.
Good chapter.

‘’it is official sanji is now yonko level pain tolerance like big mom and kadio.

Great fight with killer vs hawkin

lol big mom can’t serious injure Kidd even Kidd is literally siting duck. Big mom is not admira level. She is mere yonko level.

killer tell Hawkins yonko hype are fake as heck.
Hawkins part was good,
I loved the beat down of Kanjuro and Hawkins.
Waiting for Apoo's fight.
I hope there is no redemption for these characters, however the dialogue between Killer and Hawkins indicated that it may happen at the end.
Or maybe, Mr. Morj is right, raid will fail and SHs will be captured. But, this time Kanjuro, Hawkins and Apoo will free them to have a final clash with the Yonkous. 😂
Kidd is more aware than I thought.:wellwell: If you don't show out on BM, and lose you sir will be a joke. No more excuses, lets see if ur the third strongest supernova.

Dnt think Sanji would lose his emotions, but if we get a heartless Sanji vs Queen momentarily then you have my attention.

Get yourself a Killer, a great #2. :Dr.Killer:

Who's next to fall? :pepapoo:
looks like sanji run again .... but kinda expected because he dosen,t want to end like his brother ....
n hawkins fight with killer looks like filler to me .... too fast n hawkins really not show his trump cars just use HOSTAGES card n get trashed by killer :seriously:
but at least killer get his AWESOME moment :cheers:
n hawkins ... you are fortune teller .... can you not predicted the victory of the raid:lusalty:did your TAROT CARDS betrayed you? or your fortune telling sucks :lawsigh:
my 99+ predictions level says that Sanji awakened those powers when Pudding kissed him, the feeling of love or being vulnerable at that moment to be exact triggered it, tho he doesn't remember it :pepecorn:
I read the chapter and my thoughts are the same from spoiler thread. Solid chapter we get to see Bond between Kid and Killer. Hawkins is finally defeated so another fight is done.

I didnt like the Sanji stuff. Why is he running. What are you gonna do by thinking. At least defeat Queen first. Oda doing Sanji dirty again. :kriwhat:
Killer was lit in this chapter.

But Hawkins went full retard mode and there are several inconsistencies as well...
And "no Haki" used again.

Lmao the panel with Sanji running was hilarious :suresure:. And it seems his fight needed a change of scenario as well like Zoro's. Not a coincidence.

P.S: Raizo vs Fukurujoku or whatever was his name is a more important fight than Killer vs Hawkins :usoprice::finally:
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