Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1030 Spoilers Summaries and Images

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Poison Hashira
Translations thanks to @PuckTheGreat

Apoo: You are most likely a "Marine Spy"...
*Stone Cave Room (lit. Room Iwato)
Apoo: ...but that doesn't really matter at his point...
Apoo: The real issue here is whether you want to take Kaido down or not
Apoo: Apapapa!!
Apoo: When this battle ends...
Apoo: Doesn't really matter who wins, they'd be battered and bruised...
Apoo: at which point, taking them out would be easy peasy!!
Drake: ...
Apoo: So what do you think? Wanna join forces and steal all the spoils!?
Appo: Is there really any reason for us that are not affiliated with either group to fight?
Drake: ...
Numbers: Zanki, Tsuga, Inbi

Drake: You're a real piece of work...
Drake: Do you really think I'd trust a scumbag like you?
Apoo: What are you on about? I don't trust your goofy ass neither! (puck note: took a bit of liberty with this but it's the gist of it pepehaha )
Apoo: I'm only proposing this to you coz it'd be advantageous for you as well
Apoo: Better choose wisely coz...
Apoo: ...u're never gonna get a better chance than this..!!
Castle Interior - Stairway connecting the 1st Floor to the 2nd Floor
???: Komachiyo, get a grip!
Pant.../Heave-Ho! (puck note - could be either, not sure🙏🏿)
???: Hurry or we'd get caught up in the flames!


Poison Hashira
Translations thanks to @PuckTheGreat

Law: "Shock Wille"!!! (lit: Shock Wave!!!)
???: Mama~!!
???: You're bleeding~!!
Linlin: You damn brat~!!!
Kidd: Gonna magnetize you for a bit~! (lit: Gonna give you some magnetism~!)
Kidd: "Assign"!!
Napoleon: Huh? I'm stuck to Mama!!
Fodder: Woah!
Fodder: Our weapons got stolen!!
This is bad!
The steel beams from the tower (have been laid bare/have come unloose) and pointing towards here
Linlin: Huh!?
Linlin: What the...!?
Kidd: Trafalgar! Let it loose! (puck note Could also be, "Trafalgar! Help me escape!")
Law: Don't order me around!
Kidd: "Punk Crash"!!!
Translations thanks to @PuckTheGreat

Kidd: Trafalgar! Let it loose! (puck note Could also be, "Trafalgar! Help me escape!")

Thanks for translation

Here Kidd doesn't use the word 'help' and it doesn't sound like a request but rather a kind of order, just like how luffy asked law to teleport Kinemone and others from roof top and Law said the same thing - "Don't order me"
Similarly Kidd asks/tells Law to do something
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