Zoro vs King CoC Clash?!

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No, that is just bullshit excuse. So, I will give you more haki means using CoC is not any less bulshit. This is what I meant double standard take. Thanks for proving my point.
Makes no sense.

Giving more haki means that zoro actually was not using all of his haki from jump when he was seen fighting with enma. I have stated that weeks ago. He couldn't have used all of his haki because he had to regulate his own haki (restrain it) in order to use said blade.

Now he is using all of it
Reading for me like he saying mid diff(very hard thought, almost low high diff).
Not saying extrem diff but rather mid extrem diff.
When it comes to Queen we still haven't seen everything from him yet, I do feel like Queen has a lot more to show.

Queen imo is a beast in his own right and has proven himself to be a very difficult opponent to fight.

The only problem with Queen right now is that he needs to show more attacks, and not just spam laser beams all the time.
Holy shit. I guess this will be the first chapter I enjoy since 1009.

King is doing the same amount of damage as Hakai. All by himself.

Feel bad about Sanji only pushing Queen away without real damage. He looks just like Chopper Monster Point.
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