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Sorry, what YC1 level guy? Sanji beat a YC2 that doesn't make him a YC1. But... I do believe he could take Katakuri too so no problem about that.

Why the hell he would pass out just for being tired? Oda shitty writting hitting hard again. Why people like Ace, Jinbei, Admirals, Yonkos can fight for days in flashbacks or offscreen but current manga time can't fight even 24h straight?
I agree, sometimes Oda just isn't able to properly handle his characters.
Anyways, I think Sanji as a YC1 level guy, but in the lowest end of the tier probably at the moment.
Undoubtedly over the YC2 tier, so in the YC1 ballpark.
Let's end this arc soon Oda please ...

Wrap up the Hiyori/Denjiro/Orochi/Raizo/Fukurokujo shit in 1 chapter at most

Don't give us another chapter if Kinemon and Nami/Usopp saving Kiku ..

Don't give us a Marco/Izo find out Asura Doji is alive chapter ...

Stick to the fighting

1037 : Luffy vs Kaido fight + flashback begings

1038/1039/1040 : Kaido flashback

By 1050 at most we need the raid to be OVER


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That is straight line base running speed,
Serious Luffy is a lot faster in G2 than anyone else, because G2 is dramatically more of a boost than Soru.
Also Luffy has best combat reflexes because he is the strongest in the crew and has future sight.
Luffy has the best foot speed but he doesn't have the best reflexes. Zoro has better relexes and reaction speed than Luffy
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