What is King’s real name?

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Yeah at least he showcased his fire powers a little bit before falling. For me his fire powers were quite underwhelming, Oda should have used them much more. But it’s already something.

But Queen plague :josad:
I agree, imo King's mask should have been broken way earlier and at that moment he should start using the flame sword.

And Queen... We already discussed this... Just inject some plague into yourself Queen...



Heavy Metal
Having CoC doesn't mean that You'll get AdCoC wtf, for now Kid didn't have it. As you say He's fighting someone that use it so why Oda gave him awakening DF instead of AdCoC ?

Talking about a futur AdCoC is just headcanon. For now Zoro>>>Kid
What does it tell you, shounen wise, when it is confirmed someone has some feats, but he didnt used it so far in a fight? Serious question.


Yes, this part in particular

Did King get pushed back by a coc-forcefield or something

Either way, looking at King's dialogs, it kinda starts to make sense why he asked if Zoro wanted to become a king.

In his eyes, Kaido is the one who can change the world. Adcoc haki is viewed as a sign only the very strongest could use by Kaido

And according to the translations of this spoiler when Zoro named his king attacks, King had to remind Zoro that Kaido was the one who'd become the PK

That suggest that he views adcoc users as potential threats to the throne

With Oda overall using the adcoc barrier(Zoro, Yamato, etc) as a sign of people exceeding King's perspective and overall level(YC1)
Is Zori top tier now?
Ok, so we got a Vice Captain-parallell.

Roger freed Rayleigh from a meaningless life as a hobo and gave him a purpose
Whitebeard freed Oden from Wanos shackles
Kaido freed King from captivity
Big Mom gave Katakuri life
Luffy freed Zoro from captivity
Crocodile freed Mr 1 from captivity
Kidd freed Killer from mental agony
Blackbeard freed Shiryu from inevitiable recapture and captivity

Shanks freed Ben Beckman from ...?


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A few chapter ago it was the same situation with Luffy. But there it was Yamato instead of Law. Yamato left, Law will leave too.
Lol, he won't. This scenario is totally different. Law is an important character, unlike Yamato, who was just introduced just 50 chapters back. Law and Kid will defeat BM. I even think they would get support from others soon.

Don't keep your expectations so high.
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