Who is the skeleton / Whats the purpose?

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Luffy splitting the sky and fighting on par with kaido, kidd is with law and still losing, zoro was fighting a 1YC. ThEy HaVe BeEn PoRtRaYeD aS eQuAlS… 20y ago ffs
Zoro just got a legit win two chapters ago and he's already back in the mix. Luffy would be on Jinbe's shoulders about now, Sanji's gonna prematurely ejaculate when he wakes up and finds a hooker standing over him. Like he literally would have survived Killer only to die from Hiyori back in Ringo.

The time to come for Zoro has ended man.
Law did that as a casual slash, to destroy SAD, unless you didn’t realize. He wasn’t even aiming for Vergo. Vergo just happened to be in the way.
Oh no. Don't do this man. Law is gonna get a jackpot played from his slot.
Mink's milkshake protein drug not only restore Zoro to 100% health but it has hallucinogen effects too. :doffyou:
Somehow headcanon is more plausible to you than an actual grim reaper showing up that could lead to Zoro getting up ? I don't remember the mink medicine giving Hallucinations, it only doubles the pain after the effect wears of
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