Who is the skeleton / Whats the purpose?

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It was the same for the other translation .
TBScans word were .
"I just put everything into that assault "
" i was hoping it 'd be enough to knock you down "

You want Zoro to mean KO him when Oda could wrote KO or beat if he want to .
Also when he did his attack that scar Kaido he was buying time \ trying to protect luffy .
Do you even remember the manga or you just full of head cannon .
So when did I disagree with the first statement Zoro literally said he will put all his remaining strength into one attack and he did the only problem is his remaining strength wasn't even a fraction of his total strength because Zoro had 30 broken bones.

Another issue is second translation is factually and contextually wrong.

Zoro first of all never intended to only buy time with Ashura, he didn't have enough time to buy lol, he only had one attack left in him and he wanted that attack to work meaning take Kaido down and that's what he told Law "If this doesn't work I'll leave the rest to you".

Knocking Kaido off his feet isn't an attack working, scabbards have done it too, knocking Kaido down is.

And then comes the Japanese word for word translation that makes contextual sense.

Zoro said "I wanted to at least take you down with me" which would mean the attack working as Zoro hoped for.

What would knocking Kaido down accomplish?? He would get up in second. It take Kaido longer to gather himself from Zoros scar than from Red Roc that knocked Kaido down. He got up in seconds.

Zoro knocked Big Mom down her feet so did he do more damage to Big Mom than Kaido??
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