Who is the skeleton / Whats the purpose?

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What does that has to do with Kidd > Law?

The battle is this : Kidd damages external damage and law does internal damage
Kidd will be the finisher always

Same way Sanji finished Wadatsumi eith external damage while Jinbei did internal damage
Also it was a sign that Oda Sanji finisher HM >= Jinbei's

Law needs sneak attacks ...kidd doesn't
He has overpowered BM head on many times
Base Kidd overpower Linlin with one arm
Awakened Kidd overpowered Bigger Linlin
He has shown better physical, AP , endurance and dura than Law while law has better Lethality & DC
Its not like sanji and jimbei because The Damage Sanji did to Watudsumi was shown, he was burned to a crisp and bleeding....


The Rogue Prince
Which attack is he referring to? Didn't the final attack not hit?
No the first attack Alber used against Zoro in chapter 1027 - which overpowered an Ultra Tiger Hunt and then sent Zoro flying out of the castle.

Alber chose to connect with a headbutt there - else Zoro would be flying even longer distances. It's a direct reflection of how much of a physical beast Alber is. I'd say it is very much comparable to a Pre-Udon G4 Kong Gun but that's just me.
lol the law agenda is unreal
rating kidd over him is fair
but this is nonsense.
It is just that they hate Kidd
They've been saying Kidd is trash since they heard he somehow lost to SC which was fakenews and when he lost to kaido...they thought he was oneshotted which was luffy case later on

For them "it's just metals, doesn't look amazing so Law is stronger " so silly
They should accept it that magneto stuff they want, oda isn't gonna show Kidd doing those moves
This is how Kidd fights and we gotta accept itt
It doesn't make Law > Kidd
Law has never been > Kidd and Luffy except pre ts where he was > luffy

Most of these guys are doffy and admiral fans
Wanking Law means boosting Fuji & Doffy
Am reading

Oda literally changed the course of the fight drastically just by having Law point his sword to BM because in Oda mind BM can only be dumb and careless

This literally BM just handing a huge attack for no reason
In Oda’s mind? BM is literally made to be dumb and careless. You need to understand BM’s character more. She is not as calculated as other Yonkous. She is a child in an adults body.
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