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Translation thanks to redon

Chapter 1044: “Liberation Warrior”.

Some of Luffy's allies (Sanji, Kid, Law, Hyougorou and Marco) feel his presence and that he is still alive.

Conversation of the Gorousei in the castle of Mary Geoise.

The World Government has always tried to get the "Gomu Gomu no Mi", but they have not been able to do it in 800 years.

It seems as if that Akuma no Mi ran away from them.

A member of the Gorousei says that he is not crazy, since the Zoan fruits have a mind of their own.

The Gorousei says that the "Gomu Gomu no Mi" is actually a Zoan-type fruit, and that its real name is "Hito Hito no Mi" (Human Human Fruit) Mythological-Model "Nika".

In the chapter we also see a part of Hiyori and Orochi.

Luffy has awakened the fruit from him and now he feels he is fully. It's his “Gear 5”.

Luffy vs. Kaidou.

Luffy grabs Kaidou from the roof and takes him upstairs, then attacks him in a savage way.

Luffy grabs the ground and transforms it into rubber to return a Bolo Breath to Kaidou.
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