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Very delighted to see the raid finally conclude. Now bring on that post-war goodness. :stealthblack:A ruthless cover page fitting of the Germa as Ichiji wrings Anana's neck and makes Brownie kiss his boot. Brulee should have really double checked, Cracker might be wasting his time with two disposable Germa clones in disguise.

The hero who defeated the dragon over the capital. And so Luffy Vs Kaido officially ends at 50 chapters with the narrator updating the previous statement. The story never before announced Luffy's individual victory but a correction was necessary. Luffy declared the kind of world he wishes to live in as a first step in filling in the shoes of a world-changing figure like Joy Boy. Kaido's life quickly flashed before his eyes. Multiple subplots in the background converging with the timing of a single punch. Kaido tried to execute Luffy with extreme heat like Oden, only to get sent smoking and end the fight how Red Roc started it. The final attack was a combo of all of Luffy new powers with ACoA + ACoC + G5's island punch + the Sun God's fiery wrath. What a cathartic display to bring it all together. Luffy does Acala/Fudo Myoo proud by delivering judgement and vanquishing evil deep into magma hell.

Kaido getting boiled into Oden (a fish-based soup) by the island he poisoned and destroyed is sweet karma, but no gunshot to the head = he probably lives. To repeat myself now that it's official: Kaido introduced seeking glory in death like Roger, Whitebeard and Oden who all made a crowd cry, to end up with neither is a poetic bookend. In Act 1, we thought the people of the capital were honoring Orochi and worshipping Kaido like a god, secretly they were building Oden floats every Fire Festival and wishing for Orochi and Kaido to disappear. Oden made them all cry 20 years ago and they never forgot. Kaido didn't have to threaten the capital so they switch sides. That's how profound and memorable Oden's death was. Kaido loses Wano and his place in the Yonko and nobody got to see it, nothing memorable about that. He goes out not with a bang but a whimper, quietly sinking into the void with Big Mom, following Captain Rocks whose legend vanished into the memory hole of history.

Hopefully he's back in time for Taco Tuesday.

A true raid boss worthy of the title of Yonko and WSC. Over 60 chapters of fighting, eating wave after wave from 16 different fighters, knocked out Luffy an unprecedented 4 times--including a "death" with a narrator victory, pushed Luffy to 3 new power ups. I can't even quip about his Awakening or flashback, Kaido set an extremely high bar in terms of difficulty I don't see another villain crossing again. He used his godly animal form to manipulate the elements like no other Zoan could dream of. Delivered gorgeous choreography and fun mix ups for a simple oni with a club. And he gave us peak Luffy. Kaido's performance was spectacular.

Celebrating 10 years since the Luffy-Law alliance was formed. The volcano finishes Luffy's promise to kick Big Mom and Kaido out of Wano. Eruptions typically symbolize the death and rebirth of the land which is perfect to mark the end of old Wano and the beginning of the new. Precious to see Kaido falling deeper into hell as Luffy falls into Yamato's arms, then for Yamato to go on to be the Shanks who stops the war. Loved seeing everyone celebrate as a reminder of the many different characters involved in this massive ~75 chapter raid. Toko rewriting her wish reflects on the fact that the Wano alliance's only major known casualty is the man who died before Onigashima started. The beautiful spread also shows it's still night time. I imagine with the WG ships parked outside, there is still tension getting in the way of a peaceful new dawn emerging in Wano.

Denjiro slapping on some forehead bandages to pretend he wasn't hiding for a year. :madmonk:Chapter ends with Momo, Hiyori and seven shadows arriving on the capital as they prepare to present the new Shogun. Kiku and Kin'emon are likely missing, but did Izo recover? Did Momo and Hiyori reunite? Momo says he won't open the borders for now, as if he just needs to pull a secret switch somewhere and the geographic barriers of Wano disappear. Joy Boy needs those borders open and it's unthinkable we finish the arc with Wano closed while Momo sails with Luffy. And yet...Ame no Habakiri has seen no use, Momo is a dragon novice who may be hiding a hybrid form, Oden's journal is torn and incomplete. There is some potential.

We're finally in the post-arc of Wano after being denied a post-arc in WCI. We're in for a very meaty and revelation-heavy 15+ chapters to fill this volume and the next. Buckle up.