Did Luffy Beat Kaido Fairly?

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White eyed isn‘t unconscious LMAO.
some time has passed after g4 gattling....and even after initial adCoC punch before Kaido gets up....like I said, you can talk about Oda favoritism of Luffy when Kaido also has similar weakness like Luffy G4......

Also, how do you even correlate that smiling = no damage or wounds or recovered back to full energy?...what sort of logic is that?....Oden dead while smiling even when he was boiling in hot oil...so according to you, he was not "damaged" by boiling?
I am so sick and tired of hearing that BS excuse. That's the same thing majority of you haters say because you don't have a argument against it. There's been plenty of threads and post that go into great detail explaining ZKK with manga facts supporting it. Those threads have absolutely nothing to do with character power ranking. I haven't seen any comprehensive post why ZKK can't happen.

In my earlier post I talked about how Zoro's plotline in Wano is not over because of the Grim reaper scene. You ignored it like the scene didn't even exist in the manga because you can't cope with the reality that Oda is not finish with Zoro's part in Wano.

Once you stop wanking Luffy so hard, read and comprehend the manga you will easily see the directions Oda is heading towards.
I know the plotlines you mean and yes the Grim reaper thing is still up in the air, but I dont think we get any explanation on that anymore and the shimotsuki plotlines were practically cancelled mid arc, when Oda admitted that this sidestory was not even worth a couple of panels about the fox recognizing Zoro. So I dont see much development coming for Zoro being connected with the Shimotsukis anymore. The only thing we might get, is him standing at ryumas grave as he requested, but even the chance for that to happen are pretty low.

As for the luffys fans: They build their whole self estem on the fact that luffy wins the boss fight every arc, because luffy is the mc and plots demands it etc. and they heavily shit on ZKK theorists for the same reason, because they feel extremely safe betting on that fact without repercussions... or as one would say "because this story was always written like this." So let them troll all they want. Take it with grace. :)

As for the ZKK theory: I honestly was just routing for it, because I just loved the idea that we get an epic panel of Zoro cutting the dragon head just like ryuma did. I didnt even thought much about the consequences it would have for luffy or the plot or anything. I just liked the picture and the idea that wanos people see it as a symbol of renewed hope, but I was never pushing for this to happen to stamp some powerscales or shit on luffy or anything. I just like the idea and the visuals on its own. But again... Oda trashed that whole shimotsuki storyline mid arc and explained it away in the sbs. So no worries that it happens. ZKK is dead.

Hypothetically speaking all the hate for it made me even more curious about the effect it would have on the fandom though. I can imagine that Oda thought about it for a moment, too (hence all the sideplots, comparisons and relations with the shimotsukis at first) but then decided not to do it because the consequences would be devasting and shaking some fundamental pillars of his writing ... and would ultimately cause a meltdown in luffy fans. :P

You can stone me now.

Kamikaze out.
He is fine and smiling while unconscious which shouldn‘t be close to be the case after what he had to go through. Just last chapter he looked fked up while falling down lmao.

Unless there wasn‘t a timeskip it‘s just atrocious
Are you sure you're reading the same series where people literally die with smiles on their faces?
At least you realized ZKK isn’t gonna happen. Being late to understand such a thing is fine mate.
I feel like the speech from Wyman Manderly from GOT haha

Wyman Manderly: My son died for Robb Stark, the Young Wolf. I didn't think we'd find another king in my lifetime. I didn't commit my men to your cause 'cause I didn't want more Manderlys dying for nothing. But I was wrong. Jon Snow avenged the Red Wedding. He is the White Wolf. The King in the North.
I actually love both reddit & worst gen
Both are good imo
But some zoro fans are very annoying here
And some fans are also very annoying on reddit
Cuz they think if you criticize the story It means you're not a real fan
And the truth is most users here are hardcore fans and love one piece
The problem is wano have been going on for 4 years
And people got tired from it
I agree. Im ready to move on from Wano. But I also can’t wait for it to finish and re-read it on one go. I think it will be a lot better.
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