Did Luffy Beat Kaido Fairly?

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Welcome to the House of Hope
Teach is worstgen

OG yonko, only BM and Kaido will have such long and big arcs
They are important
Shanks was never more important except his link to Luffy

What does Shanks have over BM and kaido in grand scheme of OP world? Nothing
Both had RPs and more territories and allies

People who claim Shanks is more important yet can't post where Shanks was put on higher pedestal by OP world than Kaido and BM

Don't ever cry when Shanks is offpanled or taken out in 30 chap arc

Teach is a different story
In the end, both BM and Kaido actually only got 1 arc each.
We had 0 development for them outside WCI and Wano.
Dropping Kaido's name in PH and waiting until 140+ chapters into Wano itself to give him a half baked flashback is most definitely not "build-up".

Don't get me wrong. I don't like it. I think Kaido could easily have been a "MCU Thanos". But I just can't read this arc and say in my right mind that Kaido was well developed by Oda. Kaido's plan sucks ass. It's stereotypical cartoonish one dimensional villain tier.
BM had a lot of potential, but Oda decided to clown her at almost every change he got. She's not called "Big Meme" for nothing. And people still wanted her for a third arc as if Oda would suddenly start treating her with the hype a villain of her caliber deserves.
It's the same denial as people rooting for Kaido to suddenly get up and get some new awakening mode just to drag this shit show even more.

I'm gonna say it again.
Kaido and Big Mom are the filler Yonkos.
Shanks and BB might not get 140+ chapters arc each, since Oda REALLY wanted to draw One Piece's Japan, but, narratively, comparing these two with Kaido and BM is just not a thing.
Luffy used 1 move in Snakeman and 2 moves in Boundman. That's definitely not 20 minutes, @Extravlad is right. Plus all the battles happen simultaneously, we are only shown them one after the other.
Lol g4 vs kaido wasn't happening the same time as Kid/Law vs BM
G4 vs kaido started when BM was beaten

Using 1 or 3 moves doesn't mean the battle was 2 or 5 min.
Luffy usually uses 3-5 moves with g4
Didn't Luffy sleep in Rebecca's lap after he defeated Doflamingo?
And if we have been reading the same manga (which I am not really sure anymore), we should know whether Rebecca ends up joining or not. :cheers:

This is Yamao's future. Making Luffy Fangirl club along with fellow Nami clones.
Yamao is the "oni princess" afterall. It's no surprise that she does the exact same thing that both the previous arc princesses did by cradling their falling saviour.
Mermaid princess -> Spanish princess -> Oni princess
But we been knew. The real fun stuff from this chapter was Yamao officially declaring Momo her leader.
Yamato: OUR leader is the one who stopped the falling Onigashima!
Beasts Pirates: young master is completely taking like an enemy!!
And she is sooo right:moonwalk:




SO till the time kaido was fighting luffy.
bigmam was chilling in Magma?

Oda won't give them such death come on. What if in eruption those come out of magma?
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