Did Luffy Beat Kaido Fairly?

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There is no evidence that Kaido is even alive right now lol. Like 20 seconds in magma and Momo is already saying that Kaido’s voice has gone silent lol. Akainu and other Admirals can fight for 10 days.

Kaido being unconscious or not does not change his durability, idk where you get that idea from lol. Unconscious Kaido = conscious Kaido in terms of durability, and unconscious Kaido’s voice just went silent after 20 seconds of touching magma.
We will see next chapter

Hybrid Kaido with Haki defense >> Base unconscious defense

If waido survives this then it's not good:myman:
It actually has though.
Well the first arc doesn’t has a final boss, the second arc didn’t end with an epic fight against Kurolo, only greed island had a boss battle which is why it’s my favorite arc in hunter x hunter and finally Chimera ant arc had Meruem but he never interacted with the main characters and they were not involved in a fight against him. Also the power system in Hunter makes it so difficult for epic match ups to accur it’s very confusing and details can be forgotten easily and there’s a clear limit to characters that they can never overcome no matter how much they train
I don't know what you consider a boss battle or the end of the arc, but Greed Island and Chimera ants have plenty of it
Greed island is easily my favorite arc because it had a boss battle and in Chimera ants arc the boss never interacted with the main characters nor did they fight him in a final fight.

what I mean by boss battle is that the beginning of the arc is like a walkthrough with lots of story that climax into an epic fight with the boss of the arc
Remember that Akainu are afraid of Wano Samurais...
Remember that passive Magma and a single Volcano killes both Yonkou.
If logias can't mix haki with their elements that's a massive blow to the credibility of Logia fruits. Sure it works on scrubs, but anyone decent can use haki
Katakuri with Logia intangability has proven that they can. It's retarded to assume they can't anyways.
Scared? Not sending your army to a country with unknown forces = scared? Are you serious?
Don't blame them. Yankers are incapable of thinking logically especially after the huge L in this chapter.
This is literally what being scared means.
Are u stupid?
So a military officer in our real world can just send forces to unknown military and nobody will ever object it because it sounds absolutely stupid. Your knowledge of warfare is below zero.
WB loses his head after getting attacked by magma for 1 second meanwhile BM‘s been covered in magma for like 20-30 minutes

BM >>> WB in durability
Nope. WB was attacked with force covered in Magma which is Akainu's hand. IF BM is in the pit she was jusf submerged in passive Magma that's not used offensively.

That BM has better durability is not a secret anyways lol. You basically always talk about stuff we already know.
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