Did Luffy Beat Kaido Fairly?

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She held off Kaido for several minutes in a one-on-one while Law got humbled in two seconds against the same guy. There is a limit to how much we could ignore to glorify characters that we like.
I’m not even a Law stan but he genuinely has the 3rd best feats on Onigashima. Yamato held him off for several minutes in a fight he didn’t take seriously at all and she knew she was going to die if it continued
Law got blitzed by Hybrid Kaidou's Thunder Bagua while Yamato literally matched it pound for pound in terms of speed. And also reactions, when she put up her Mirror Mountain to barely block it partially. And that's without Future Sight.

The difference in 1v1 skill is so obvious.
And Law played 50% role in a Yonkou's defeat.
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