Did Luffy Beat Kaido Fairly?

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let him dream, even if ZKK don’t happen, they have to accept the lava killed kaido.
lava killed kaido? kaido was defeated by luffy and taking a bath in lava is where he and big mom were sent to rest after their defeat.
sleeping in a sea of lava is their equivalent of being taken to the infirmary. this is a big shit on magma guy once they come out alive after hours or days sleeping in magma
After seeing 1% Kaido chilling in lava @AkainuTheGrimReaper has gone full cope mode :suresure::suresure:
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I was referring to you saying strength =/= ap doofus.

Jinbe has enough strength to make Big Mom rolling like a ball that doesn't mean he has ap above her.
I agree that bozo ; that is another example of strength where I am talking about an attack which is G3

Sea stone cuffed base wamato > Lujitora
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@Finalbeta ZKK or lava killing kaido? :milaugh::milaugh:
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