What will Greenbull’s Devil fruit be?

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Hopefully soon after the month-long break, we get to see some more of Dragon (his character, his strength, his abilities). I expect the newspaper that just came in to detail the current situation with Sabo, Vivi and all that so I look forward to Dragon doing whatever he'll do in response. I don't mind the other Revolutionaries not being all that impressive but I just hope Dragon gets around to doing something soon. His son's out here accomplishing a lot so I expect Dragon not to disappoint.

I still have some hope Usopp will get some nice development in Elbalf. Regardless of whether it's his arc, it can't be worse than Wano for him. For real though, I just want his journey to becoming a warrior of the sea to be completed or atleast progress greatly. It would also act as pretty good build up to him seeing his dad again and maybe even towards him facing off against Van Auger.

Now that Wano's pretty much done, I think it was a pretty mixed bag as an arc. Hopefully the stuff from here on out doesn't disappoint, I'd rather be hopeful since I still enjoyed quite a lot of this arc and if Oda's taking a full-on break, maybe things will improve rather than deteriorate.
A mantra is a sacred word, sound or phrase, often in Sanskrit, recited within a wide variety of religious and spiritual traditions such as Hinduism, Buddhism . The word mantra is derived from two Sanskrit roots; manas meaning 'mind' and tra meaning 'tool'.

mind huh :hope::quest:
Viola ate the Giro Giro no Mi that allows her to see through solid objects and over vast distances. It also allows her to see into peoples minds and memories.
memories huh :quest::hope:

Pudding ate the Memo Memo no Mi that allows her to manipulate memories.
who is next oda Imu sama maybe ?????
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