What the best thing in the chap ?

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Yeah and in the meantime Sabo trained his DF mastery
It was a 4 vs 2
It was a sneak attack, in WG home turf so Admirals couldn’t go all out.
Sabo ended up jailed and beaten and the other revos missing or escaping
1. And the other 3 were fodder. Unless you telling me those other 3 strong enough to do what king and queen couldn't.

2. Wasn't a sneak attack. They attacked a place and was given permission to go full throttle again the enemy

3. Infact they had home court advantage since that's the world governments turf so your point don't stand
If Green Bull really one-shot King and Queen then Zoro's fans should admit that Zoro is not as strong as they deem him to be.
I like @zzShinichi post in case that Zoro and Sanji still need to grow.
And that is the best case, until they face the admirals, they will face Blackbeard commanders who are probably one league above King/Queen, Admirals are the endgame for them so it make sense that they are still below them.
how is it worse for Luffy though?

sure, a lower bounty than people expected i guess

but he is still the only Yonkou among the three

he got to defeat Kaido

compared to Ryuma

Zoro gets no bounty update and his biggest achievement in this arc is getting low diffed by Ryokugyu?

that's tough my man
He is a certified neek is all you need to know. Imagine spending 24hrs on wg spamming the same shit over a fictional rubber dude. He can't even troll properly:giogio:

lUfFy bRoS....Discount HA001:yasu:
---Chapter 1053 Spoilers---
- Greenbull have huge Coc
- Tama dies while eating soup
- Yamato turns out trans
- Carrot dies because of high level cringe
- One month break

-From Ledon (Redon's distant relative)
Could Green Bull did the same to the revos?
if he did then it will be a plot i think either he will be defeated by Luffy so they will be freed or he came to Wano to release them there because it is something he agreed on with them.
Shit bros how we gonna downplay Greenbull?. I was saying Sanji gonna fight him in hopes that he would stay irrelevant, but it seems like Oda actually cares about Sanjis fights. Guess we'll make some more arbitrary terms like low Admiral and high Admiral, same thing we did with the Commanders, it's the only way.
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