What the best thing in the chap ?

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don''t try to find the logic here...he is just making a parallels with dressrosa arc where Luffy and Law shared equal credit in the defeat of doflamingo...
It makes 0 sense, I don't care what Oda is trying to do.
Luffy is literally a bigger threat than Law and Kidd.
He better provide an explanation in the future chapters.
Outside of the bounty BS (I guess Oda was afraid that he wouldn't be able to keep the hype of the new bounties if he gave Luffy a high bounty right now– leaving room for the next bounty increases) then this chapter isn't that bad–I guess. Buggy is just a running gag, just like him becoming a Shichinukai, that doesn't change anything, although the fas will obviously use it as an argument–just like they did it with the Shichinukais. We have info about the pluton; once again we are shown that the beast pirates are the weakest crew–not surprising whatsoever. Fake Ryokugyu hype... I mean what can I say.
Maybe he will agree to help Wano in exchange for their WG membership or for handing over the strawhats?
no one will agree on that anyway lol :D i just have the feeling that he is just like Fujitora and thinks badly of the WG. he knows for sure that Wano will never side with the WG. since the WG was helping Kaido and is an enemy to Wano to begin with.
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