What the best thing in the chap ?

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To be honest, I think the range is between 1,520,000,000 and 1,690,000,000 but still, wouldn't be surprised if he gets 1,720,000,000

But in that case I expect 1,400,000,000 for Killer
Way too high for Killer, would understand that if after roofpiece he went down to fight a Calamity or another YC level character could have worked even Smoothie. But he took out Hawkins.

I am not even sure Zoro will be that high, going from 300 mil to over 1,5 bilion like that, let alone Killer.
Dynamics never change in one piece
Duos and groupings at the end of day will be portrayed as equal or relative

The big problem with kidd is one
His fighting style is a better fit for a gore manga
It's all about crushing and suffocating people with heavy amounts of force and mass
It's hard to depict the brutality of that in one piece

Two is that the strong part of his devil fruit is in fact invisible
the push of pull of his magnetic force his the true broken part of his ability
Damned punk is first time seeing it really visually represented but artistically, it lacked the punch people really needed to see

I would also like to add that kidd and luffy are the only two characters to my recollection
That could use their ability directly to change the properties of a top tiers body
Luffy turned kaido rubber
And kidd made big mom a magnet

Doffy and kat only manipulated the environment. They didn't suddenly change luffys body

We know that haki can negate abilities like these ( law unable to move them in room)
I also suspect characters like sugar would not be able to use their ability due to the same logic

Law could do the same but indirectly by changing the properties of his sword
He could then manipulate big moms body from the inside
And thats incredibly impressive as well

Kaido probably had to endure more ( fight more people. Carry the island, which we know isn't a passive ability due to yamatos statement and never really got a rest)
And for me that's enough to not count it as a clean 1v1 for luffy
Compared to big mom who u can't really say the same for
She even dropped the dead weight that is Zeus

At the end of the day u can feel however u want about kidd
Or law
Or odas decision for the bounties and I would never hold it against u
But personally I think it's cool that luffy has contemporaries and isn't just some God that could beat everyone in any context
He has strengths and weaknesses like everyone else

I feel things are getting more and more toxic
And I don't want to contribute to that
Sooo this message is just my subjective opinion and isn't might to call out anyone else's perspective

Blother Fertitta

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I want to know how the fuck did sukiyaki survive?:kriwhat:
I mean what the hell did. he watch oden dance in the flower capital,and didn’t think something is hella wrong :whitepress:
Old kings won‘t die it seems:seriously:
He hid in the poor places, survived just like Kawamatsu tried
Oda typically has the previous king live and absolved of their crimes
This confirms Kidd and Law >> Zoro

Well, let's assume Big Mom is ≈ Greenbull

Greenbull easily shotted King and Queen

Zoro had hard time against King.

Law and Kid defeated someone on Greenbull's League together, while Greenbull easily defeated King and Queen.

Law and Kid together >=< Greenbull >>> King and Queen together

Zoro considers Queen a strong opponent since he didn't choice between him and King when he had to reach rooftop.

For Law and Kid to defeat Big Mom Means that they are individually tiers above King and Queen which puts them above Zoro, since Zoro Is at best only One tier above King.

Gol D. Roger

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Thats not a pure swordsman. Queen is a swordsman and more. Big Mom is a swordsman and more. Fuji. Kizaru.

All these people are swordsman and more.....or people who are not pure swordsman.
Dude, who even said King is a pure swordsman? I certainly didn't. Fujitora does confine himself to the art of swordsmanship. Kizaru is similar to King while Big Mom and Queen have no business being called swordsmen.
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