What the best thing in the chap ?

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Because Zoro barely beat a commander with a power that he can only handle for a few minutes before it kills him.

That same commander got neg diffed by an Admiral.

Admirals >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Zoro
What an actual fuck??
Dude Zoro no diffed King in chapter 1035
He took zero hits
Verbally bullied him
No diffed his Haki coated sword
His strongest attack
Three shotted him
Butchered him
Scarred him for life

That's literally a low diff stomp

And how do you know zoro can hold that power for seconds and not for days?

Zoro only passed out due to drugs
He only said this sword might kill him because his Haki is drained

But he doesn't even need Enma anymore he can use CoC on all swords

Replace Enma with Shusui and he has no time limit

And Green Bull is picking up scraps
King is Butchered
Can't fly
Lost his sword

How is that remotely a valid comparison

And it Zoro negged King in 1035 and Queen is far far weaker than King how do you know he can't solo King and Queen now?

Queen is literally a quick one shot lmao
Lmao as if Sanji turds have legs to stand on

sAnJi will fIgHt KaTaKUri in WCI
SaNji will beat kIng - Got no diffed in seconds
SaNjI wILl bEaT kInG and Queen at the same time - Got no diffed in a Nano second

Zoro still did far more than what I expected it to do going into wano

Yall have been eating shit since sanji got introduced lmao

Help me Robin chwannn

@me when sanji can beat a non nerfed commander
clown, read what I said

Don't @ me until Zoro gets an impressive feat

Gol D. Roger

ȶɦɛ քɨʀǟȶɛ ӄɨռɢ
Every sword wielder has buisness being called a "swordsman and more".

At the end of the day, King has shown no techniques or skills. You are just picking and choosing.
No, I am not. King is a skilled swordsman who also has other skills that make him a multi-talented fighter. He demonstrated the skills of a swordsman when he fought Zoro, a swordsman, in a clash of swords. That's not just swinging swords.
Cant wait for Younko wankers to downplay Aramaki's feat
Dude i think king and queen doesn't know GB ability in the first place. Heck even doffy knew of fujitora and greenbull are monsters but didn't know fuji's ability until fuji showed them.I think king and queen who are in wano are much less aware of things that happen outside wano about green bull abilities.(i think kaido and jack only concern about outside news). I don't think YC will be defeating that easily to greenbull if they knew his abilities.
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