What the best thing in the chap ?

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What? What the hell? King's defense is tricky my friend just like barthomolow barrier
If you know the trick attack like bird dance can cut him
That shit Ling can get deafeated only By AdvCoC is dead bro
Zoro landed hits on King when he was at his weakest...and still couldnt kill him with his strongest shown attack.
Going to respond to all at once. Yes, some will be upset but it will be ok. Oda is handing out L to all this month. No one is safe.

Remember, One Piece is not or at least no longer a complex manga. It is now a very simple manga.

Zoro cut and even scar Kaido. The only one during the war to scar his durable skin.

Zoro couldn't damage king in or out of flame mode. King confirms to us he is harder to damage to than Kaido. We learn King can survive in any natural environment. IE: river of magma.

Zoro grows stronger by mastering enma, gaining greater CoA haki control and obtaining ACoC. Zoro defeats King with an attack strong enough to completely cuts through King durable wing.

If Zoro could damage Kaido but couldn't damage King until after he grew stronger because King is harder to damage than Kaido. That means attacks that can damage King would cause Kaido greater damage. It's that simple.

Thinking anything else is like believing someone who can cut through 5 inch steel with a single sword strike can't cut through 2 inch steel.
Luffy is a Zoan too just so we're clear. He has this healing factor too although it's true he took more damage than them.
The closest thing he has to a healing factor is his ability to jump-start his heart when he's awakened, other than that I don't think he ever showed the ability to recover from wounds way faster than he normally would
Brother, me too
But its okay, not like we can do anything lmao

Ending of Wano I just wanted a few things, all bounties (+ warlords), world news, sword lore, zoro backstory

The fact we got Pluton stuff is crazy :crazwhat:
But tbh, lets be real, I dont think this is gonna go anywhere.
Like the fishman island joyboy stuff wasnt relevant til now, like 400 chapters later.
And its not like pluton is physically there
Yeah sadly our bragging won‘t change a thing:josad:
Yeah sword lore as well ,we got a Little with Enma but still nothing really about black blades.
And world news are in real need now.
I think you are right there will only be a touch about pluton but i doubt we will see it or get to know its exact location in wano:few:
Its been so long since alabasta and now in 1053 we find out its location.
Not even a hint before about pluton connected to wano:kayneshrug:
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