What the best thing in the chap ?

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That's not what Ryou is

I advice you to reread
Ryou is Flow of Haki.
Focus on word flow

Haki on your body part is not Ryou but when you flow the Haki the access energy out of your body to either make a barrier, pour it into your opponents to cause internal destruction or coat your weapon that's Ryou
the internal deatruction is next level thing. But the normal one is just what sentomaru and mariegold have.

Gol D. Roger

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How could they better if they been keep defending and believing on the most biggest lie in OP (ZKK) while mocks ppl then spitting another biggest lie and mock ppl LMFAO. There is so much missdirection here.
The other guy's talking about me and I never believed in ZKK, so whatever you say doesn't apply to me.

What the heck are you talking about? You are KINGs nr 1 wanker, how tf do I even put words in your mouth?:choppawhat:
I never said King is stronger than Big Mom and Kaido. Idk what kind of reading skills you have to even reach that conclusion.
Who would’ve thought… power levelers are retarded, turning matchups into simple math equations doesn’t work, and a fictional adventure comedy marketed to teens doesn’t follow the logic of the real world
We got Kizaru struggling against Marco and requiring seastone cuffs on him,

While King and Queen get low-diffed by a foe of equivalent position using nothing but his DF.

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