What the best thing in the chap ?

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stop acting like you have definite proof for lanji vs green bull
like i said
he gonna fight the ssg mfs
warrior of science
big boys admirals are for roof 5
keep coping , u have 0 proof for that like u had 0 proof for zkk yet u believed it :risitameh: , doesnt eat foot, likes women, a disease that kills bulls named BLACKLEG , thats more then ur sorry ass trying to push retarted stuff becaseu ur salty zkk didnt happen:shame::risitasad: cope and seeth :hapnoel:

Sanji's storyline = tied to MADS (Judge,Queen,VEGAPUNK)
Vegapunk = tied to Sanji's origins, he is the one who discovered lineage factor that's been used to fuck with Judge's kids genetics

Sanji's power = science
Vegapunk's/SSG power = science
Sanji's whole thing is disproving that he is just an experiment, he is either gonna fight kizaru or GB but GB is more likely because of sanji's parralel with nezha
Luffy,Zoro,Law,Kid,Sabo,Dragon, even possibly Kuzan or Garp although the latter turning against the WG might be a stretch.
There are a lot of options
So you suddenly want Sabo to fights an Admiral? I thought Sabo vs Akainu makes no sense

Also why would side characters like Kid fight an AdmiraL over a main character? Sanji will fight an Admiral whenever you like it or not
I took a break a month before the fights happened. Cant say the same about your window licking friend @HA001 who ran away last week.

Your dumb Bitchass thought Zori wasnt leaving the roof. That Zori could neg King. That Zori will Kaido. Dont even try to talking whore.
You ran away like a little pussy

"I took a break" yeah yeah little bitch :suresure:

the worst is that even after coming back, you didn't even have the balls to assume you were wrong :suresure:
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