What the best thing in the chap ?

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Gol D. Roger

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You know what.
I’m tired of pretending that King is stronger than Doflamingo. Motherfucker is equally as useless as Queen, and only got hyped because Zorofans instinctively knew that ZKK wasn’t happening. Hell I’m inclined to say that Katakuri beats him to a pulp too.
Aokiji should have stomped Doffy, but he was alone, and it still got the courtesy of not being off-panel. If these “gods” were worth anything the CD couldn’t have been able to topple them, let alone a CD that actually worked his ass off like Doffy.
You think Doffy and Kuri would fare any better against an admiral? :saden:


Welcome to the House of Hope
Bullshit lmao
Most Zoro fans were like if ZKK happens it happens
Zoro already did too much

Going into Wano Zoro fans just wanted a YC1 or Orochi fight

Then Zoro shat all over any commander on the roof top and Oda had to artificially buff king up by giving him God Tier durability to make a fight longer than a stomp.

He ended up unlocking advanced CoC
Blocking combined attacks of Yonko
Scarring Kaido
And low diffing YC1

Where as you pitiful cucks have been eating shit for last 12 years predicting everything wrong.

There was no Ls, Oda gave us 100 hints that ZKK might happened and we said its possible, we were wrong.

Ya'll invented Sanji vs King out of the blue
Sanji vs Katakuri because they just looked at each other

Have some shame lmao

sInGle BiGgEst L

What Zoro has done on roof top alone EoS Sanji can't even dream.
Dafuq you talking about?
Zoro fandom was having a complete meltdown until a few days ago because they got salty that Oda declared some "year of sanji" years ago and projected some "decade of Zoro" delusion about Wano.
Anyone who thought Luffy was going to surpass Shanks or have a $5 Billion bounty are holding an L now. I am shock at Buggy being a Yonko. Not really a fan of that when Law and Kid are not an emperor themselves. I have to laugh about how people not liking Law, Kid and Luffy walking away with the same bounty. In the WG eyes, they are equal in threat. Deal with it. Oda just said that it does not matter if you have CoC or not. Its how you go about your business being a certified top tier threat.
Only on this forum can you find people who still haven't realized that the main characters who have been around for 1000+ chapters are the most important and will therefore get the most important fights

Like seriously do you actually think that the final fights of the manga will be the fights of side characters we barely know and not of characters we have know for 25+ years ?? :suresure:
This it the strawhats story, not Sabo's or Kid's or whoever's, obviously Zoro and Sanji are gonna fight admirals
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